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Worldwide feeder academy


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I'm looking to do a new save where I want to have my club acquire a player from every country in the world. Not on the squad all at once, but over the course of a career up the leagues. Ideally, it would fit into the squad, and the ability/reputation would be realistic. I know that I could just sign greyed-out players from anywhere and play them, but I'd prefer it to be more organic than that. 

Some approaches I've considered:

1. Beef up scouting network to identify players to sign.

2. Put a feeder club in each region, and have each of those have a feeder club in each country in the region. For example, make a club in Finland my Scandinavian feeder, and then set up clubs from Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and the Faroes as feeders for them.

3. Like the above option, but skip the regional feeders and just put a feeder club in each country.

I actually set up the second option, but after holidaying through a few seasons, found that it was pretty inconsistent. Especially for a big region like Eastern Europe, I would have a couple of players that I wouldn't normally have, but I didn't see the players coming through the youth teams like I thought they would.

A few questions I have about my approach:

  • Would amping up Youth Recruitment at the feeder clubs help the flow of players up the chain?
  • Is the regional feeder system my best bet to get this to work? Or should I try putting an academy team in each country?
  • Is there another approach I'm not thinking of?

Thanks in advance!

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