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Strange Patterns: Winning Streaks and Bad Spells

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Exaggerating a bit here, but most of my seasons are something like this:

- 10 wins, followed by 10 defeats/draws, followed by 10 wins/draws. Depending on how it goes, you can add or subtract 5, meaning that I'll be promoted or mid-table. Yet, this three-phase drama happens nearly all of the time.

It does feel that, it doesn't matter what I do, results will turn out the same, which makes the game quite frustrating... :seagull:

Of course, without my giving any detail, it's hard for me to ask for your suggestions, but my question is:

Do you also experience such odd and mysterious fluctuations throughout your season, which tend to repeat over and over, regardless of what you do?...

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Outside of expected situations (being worst team in the division, for example), I rarely have a significant streak without winning.  I do find that if we lose a game that ends an undefeated streak, the team can be a little bit wobbly, but that is often dependant on the opposition.  I find that my teams often play the "big" teams in consecutive weeks, so a wobble can be expected.  But usually any slide can be arrested with a few tweaks, often just making things a little simpler, or tightening up and focussing on counters/set-plays.  I play on full game highlights, so that might contribute to being able to make the necessary adjustments to grind out that win or draw.

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A draw/defeat after a long run of wins can lead to more than one problem result for sure, so a reaction should be be taken after the second game to get things back on track.  Usually I can turn things around in 3-4 games

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18 hours ago, phd_angel said:

What are main things you do that are effective to turn things around? Thanks.

Lower the expectations in the team talk, reduce the team mentality by 1, adjust one or two of the player mentalities and try to grind out a result by being tight defensively.  Once a few results have been achieved, confidence will increase and you have readjust.

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I just had one. Promoted with Perugia to Serie A. Media prediction 16, board expectation "fight against relegation".

Made solid team, mostly with elderly free agents (Kalou, etc). I had 13 wins out of 16 games, was first on the table, smashed Inter 5-2 away and after that game till end of season - I managed to get one draw and one win (again against Inter 5-4) - all other games I was defeated. Ended up as 12th. Still respectable result (graded as B- by board, was A+ in first part of season).

Anyway, there is no thing under sun I didn't tried to end that bad strike - nothing worked. Things that worked on other saves, miserably failed here. Sometimes it seems there is just no "cure" for it. 

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