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Custom League - 104 teams crash

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I created a league of 104 teams, 11 divisions,

59 US College teams

36 Canadian College teams

9 Fictional Mexican University Teams


League-wise, domestic college, everything is working the way that I want it to, regular season, qualifications, playoffs, until the final game.

Once the final game happens, the game crashes without an error. NACHA_104teams_crash_on_Final.zip is the save.

A few questions/bugs also brought up in other tickets, but specifically this one:

1. Is there a team limit per league that I am unaware of? I was able to run a similar setup with 59 teams (all US based with no issues)

2. Is there an issue with a domestic college league having multiple countries?

3. Also in other leagues or setups, the screen only shows up to a certain number of teams (it looks like the cut off is somewhere around 90?) examples below:

see OUA West division: cut off


In division view, you can see it works correctly:

Overall standings are really weirdly ordered:



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