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Suggestion Set Piece Coaches.

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Sorry if touched upon, are we likely to see implemented set piece coaches (like Villa and Liverpool already have) into the game? Maybe they can even add set piece instructions and routines into it from there recommendations.

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This would certainly mirror many of the top clubs.  That would also need a change in training, so along with Technical - Attacking etc. etc., we have Set Pieces as a new category.  Also Set Pieces would need to be shown as a coaches attribute.  So, for it to work fully, that might be a ton of work for SI.

The other different type of coach with many top academies etc., not currently in FM are "Individual Coaches" - for example Mikey Harris at Southampton.  I would say this might be a little easier to implement.  For your U18's you could assign certain individual training to certain individual coaches (if you have more than one) - or if you only have one, it would impact the effectiveness of your players improving in the areas you are trying to improve them - or the effectiveness of any traits you are trying to teach them.  Premier League teams with individual coach(es) would learn traits and improve with individual training a little quicker than teams that don't have individual coaches.

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Tangentially, I think the Fitness attribute should be split into individual strength and conditioning categories to reflect the dichotomy of coaching assignments. Goalkeeping coaching has three categories similarly aligned with shot stopping, handling, and distribution.

Add a team psychologist (part-time or full-time) specifically geared towards improving mental attributes: particularly work rate, concentration, determination, consistency, important games, and leadership


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