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So I created this system firstly in FM15, but I lost the computer and the game, and now in my new PC, I have FM21, and wanted to create the same thing with the European Competitions (which is UCL and UEL system that we had just before this year, followed by the Cup Winners' Cup and then the Conference League with a custom format). Overall, most of the job is done, but I'm running into some problems. If someone can fix it, or at least tell me where it's wrong I'll gladly appreciate it. Plus, I used one of UEFA Revival files by Carlito58 as a base for this. (But I don't remember which)

My Euro System V13.fmf

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Ok so I figured out what is the problem, I just can't figure out how to solve it. So basically, in the Conference league, there are some league cup champions (ex. Carabao Cup), and the big problem is that if the champion of the league cup (ex. Man City is the champion of Carabao) and he's in another european championship, no teams from that country go to the Conference League. What I want is that in this case, to the next best team in the league not qualified for european competitions, to qualify for the ECL. I don't know why this isn't working, because in FM15 it did work. Plus it's an updated version of the file, if someone wants to help me out.

My Euro System V15.fmf

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