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Unable to Remove Amateur Players from Transfer List

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I took over a Norwegian Amateur side which were just promoted to the lowest Semi Professional league. All of the players were on Amateur contracts so I offered Semi Pro contracts to all players. However, two of the players were already transfer listed and I am unable to change their Transfer Status. When you go to the Transfer Status Page for both players there is no option to change their transfer or loan status. The option is completely missing including setting asking price.
I cant renew these players as they are unhappy about being transfer listed but I also cant change their status so I am stuck. 
Is this a bug or am I missing something very obvious?
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I think it's a known bug. I'm certain I reported it (or at least added some info in a bug report) a while back. I experimented quite a bit, but couldn't find any way of getting them off it.

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Yes I have seen this in Norway when i took over a recently relegated Alta after a half a dozen seasons or so. No way around it, you just have to release the players back into their natural habitat. 

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