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2nd goal not registered in result


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The issue you mention is something caused 'divergence'. It's a little bit complicated, but just to try and make it as simple as possible below to try and explain what's happening.

As you enter a match, the entire match is played out using all the data (so tactics, players picked, referee, weather - EVERYTHING). So when the game starts, it's all been calculated and is playing out for you to watch. Consider this Match 1. 

During Match 1, if the user or AI manager makes changes (so tactical like subs, instructions or formation changes) or issues a shout or team talk, the match is recalculated using this new information (you'll notice a short pause when tactical changes are made). That means from the point of this change, you're watching match 2, which now has diverged from the original track of match 1.

As more and more changes are made, more and more 'different' matches are generated, the recalculations from the point of those changes which effect the match from that point on. If you're a Raneri 'tinkerer' type, you may end up with 30 or 40 different versions of the match. Could be that Match 1 calculated a 3-0 win to the AI, but after a user tactical change with the score at 1-0, it eventually plays out to be 1-1 in Match 2.

What you've seen when a goal 'disappears' is when a tactical change has been made, and you've been shown the incorrect match within the match environment. Means the final score is 100% correct based on the tactical changes you and the AI have made, but you've unfortunately watched the wrong calculated match after a change. This has also been represented in the screen you shared above.

This is extremely rare, but we are aware that it can happen and is something is being looked at for any future versions. 

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