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[FM 21] Hire a Young, Unknown American? Norway!

Lodi Lemmer

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Another Bucky Badger adventure begins. No coaching badges, Sunday League Player. Start unemployed and begin applying. Eventually in October...



A welcome from the president...



The vision and expectations laid out...



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October - December 2020


I took over with the club in last place in the First Division after 20 games. That gave me 10 games to attempt to save them from relegation.


The game against Oygarden was my coaching debut. The team responded well to a new coach, but we hit a slump after the honeymoon period. After being embarrassed on TV against Asane, the club had something to prove and closed the season strong. The victory over Strommen secured our safety.


The team actually finished above the media's pre-season prediction (12th) and set a club record for its highest finish.




Final Player Stats



End of Season Review



With finances looking decent and a bit of new sponsorship money found, the board decided to invest in the stadium.





Annual Achievements



Club Records



Club Summary



Manager Bio


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good luck, mate.
decent first season all things considered.

am managing in Norway myself on a multi save, brilliant fun place. hang on to Aga and Omar Bully as long as possible!

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On 07/09/2021 at 02:53, vara said:

good luck, mate.
decent first season all things considered.

am managing in Norway myself on a multi save, brilliant fun place. hang on to Aga and Omar Bully as long as possible!

Thank you!

Unfortunately, Omar Bully was becoming a disruption in the locker room, so I sold him before major problems arose. I have managed to hang on to Aga, but he had a torn hamstring when I arrived and suffered a broken ankle during this pre-season.

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January - March 2021


I am excited to kick off my first full season at the club!

The board isn't criticizing anything, but they aren't fully convinced either.



The pre-season was fairly successful against fairly weak competition.



I'm feeling pretty good about the squad dynamics given my relative newcomer status to the club and the amount of turnover on the roster.



I'm confident with the makeup of the squad, though I would like to find another GK.



My first-choice 11, bench, and tactics...



The backroom staff for the start of the season. I'm pretty limited by the club in what I'm allowed, thus the empty spaces.


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April - June 2021



We looked pretty good early as the start of the season saw us set a club record winning streak.


The media claimed to be optimistic about our potential for success and positive about the style we were using. "Unremarkable" was a slight improvement from "unknown," which was the theme of their articles at the start of my career.



Magnus Fagernes and Thomas Elsebutangan provided enough goal-scoring to keep us afloat in the league. Oscar Aga returned from a 3-month absence due to a broken ankle to convert 3 penalties in his first two appearances of the season. With slightly more than half of the season remaining, we sat slightly above the 12th place media prediction and on par with the board's mid-table finish .



I was encouraged by the board's willingness to fulfill my requests regarding spending more on the academy coaches and adding a first-team coaching position.



I chose to hire a dedicated Fitness Coach. I am hoping that he will have a big impact.


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July - September 2021



While we didn't perform spectacularly, we earned 4 more points than we did in the previous 3 month, 13 game period. As a result, we improved our standing in the table by one position.



Off the field, the finances remained in good shape.



The players have come around to be very supportive, though they are a bit frustrated with the current 2-game losing streak.



The board is fairly impressed, also. All of their criticisms involved the 2 games that have the locker room a bit tense.



Their concerns didn't prevent them from approaching me about a new contract.


We quickly agreed to terms, which included almost a 50% raise in my salary.



Hopefully, we can finish strong over the final four games and set a record high for our final position in the table.

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October - December 2021


Aside from one nightmare game, the club performed fairly well to finish the season.Matches.png.82d2619f3a4f91120bbb1501aa3e8688.png


As he continued to recover from his injuries, Oscar Aga showed signs of living up to his potential by winning the Player of the Month award in October. I was honored when he shared the credit with me.




Final Player Stats & Accolades




End of Season Review




The financial situation continues to improve.



Club Summary



Manager Bio



The U19s performed well in their league competition.



I sent the players off to their break by telling them that I thought we could finish in the top half next season. It may have backfired because most of them thought that was too ambitious a goal. We'll see what they think upon their return.


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January - March 2022


As I look to start my 2nd full-season campaign at Grorud, I'm happy with how things are going. The staff has improved with many of them adding coaching badges. I truly appreciate the board's willingness to fund further education for my staff and myself.



4 players came in on free transfers, 2 left, and 1 went out on loan for the season.


Torkildsen will become the 1st-choice GK. Breistol and Hovstad provide some key depth to the squad.



The tactics remain the same as last season, but there are 2 changes to the first-choice 11: Torkildsen takes over at GK and Zafeiris replaces Preben Mankowitz as the MCL (Deep Lying Playmaker).



Finances continue to gradually improve...



The squad and the board seem to be fairly happy with my performance.




The board has set the same expectations as they did last season.



The oddsmakers are predicting that Oscar Aga will score a lot this year. Hopefully, they are correct!



On the field, a perfect pre-season, including strong showings against Premier Division clubs Odd and Stabaek, developed some confidence, leading to victories in our first 2 league games and a good position in the table.




Off the field, Zafeiris started a leadership course in the hopes that he may develop into captain material.

News item.png

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