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Assorted Home & Inbox Panel questions


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Good evening (or whatever time it may be) you lovely folk,

Got a few questions:

1)  Is there a way to force the game to direct to the home panel after a processing break?  Currently the game seems to flit between a number of screens, and would like to make the home panel more of a focal point.

2)  In the skin I'm editing there's an option in the manager home selector panel for "Last Match Report" - but this doesn't appear as an option via the selector in game.  Is this something that can work ?  FYI @bluestillidie00 @Tyburn (seems to possibly be your work, so makes sense to tag you for this - apologies in retrospect)

3) What controls the box/shadow in the image attached below.  I'm wanting to change this to a slightly darker colour, but cannot find anything to control it from the inbox or news_item_panels folders?

4) Is there any way to keep the world knowledge map on staff profile screen regardless of which role is highlighted?  (for example, see screenshots below)

Coach selected:




Manager selected:





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I didn’t reply before because I’m not sure I can help. I don’t recognise “last match report” as being in my skin. Not as a selector panel on the Manager Home Screen anyway.

I’m not sure if you can tell the game to focus on specific pages, other than in preferences where you get a choice of landing pages.

You could probably add code to the manager profile that includes the world map. Find the code in the staff panels and have a play around I guess.

Sorry can’t help more and good luck.

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Appreciate the response, @Tyburn

I have a feeling the "Last Match Report" might be a holdover from one of the TCS skins for an older version of FM.  There doesn't appear to be anything obviously wrong with the code, so I'm guessing that something has moved in FM21.  Spent more time than I'd care to admit trying to work out the other two points, so probably time to cut my losses!

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