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Training/Development for youth player

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Just a quick question, I managed to swoop both of these two guys up for 975k each and I was just wondering how you would train them and what positions you think they would be best suited to playing, development is early days but the youth staff seem to think the sky is the limit. They are both currently training with the youth team as I don't want to work them to the bone in the main team as our training regime is quite vigorous.
I'm currently playing a 4-3-3 DM if it's any help :) 

Lex looks like he would be best suited to a box to box role with the choice to train him as a defensive midfielder/holder and McInroy looks to be a conventional winger but looks like he could become an accomplished passer in the centre of the pitch. 


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With Lex, I'd concentrate on training his physical attributes.  It's much easier to increase these at young ages.  To play BBM, he'll need to get his Acc/Pace/WR much higher:  it's possible but necessary.  Agree that he looks like he can become a really good BWM/DM/CM(d) type but you'll want to concentrate first on strength/acc/pace/wr.

McInroy could become a lot of good things.  Agree with what you wrote.  Another idea:  with his great dribbling, passing, technique and flair, he could become an awesome, maybe world class, IW(s) on the right wing.  Or AP and if he learns AMC or AMR, he could dangerously move around.

He already has great physical attributes.  Always good to jack them up even more.  Mostly though, he needs better natural fitness and agility but he can start working on his mental and technical now, especially concentration and composure.  If he can start increasing his finishing, he might become a great goal scorer some day, too.

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I think BWM is an underutilized role and Lex looks like he could do a real job, he does need to improve his mobility though. Worst case he should be a solid anchorman/half back.

McInroy looks like a classic winger but would also make a lovely mezzala or B2B. I'd cross train as a CM.

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