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FM05 - League Names

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Decided to go back to a classic. I want to take a break from FM21.....so back to 05 I go. A game that I played for years while hoping my parents would get me a newer version. Simpler times.

I've got it patched and working. But I cannot fix the names of the Dutch and German leagues.

I've removed all files: in C:\Program Files (x86)\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2005\data\db\lnc\all
Then created my own fake LNC file which is working. So Kahn is in the game and all national teams fill their squads. And team names in France and J-League are correct now. I've included some of my own competition name corrections too and it all works nicely.....apart from French, Dutch and German league names.

"NAME_CHANGE" 16 "Ligue 1" ""
"NAME_CHANGE" 17 "Ligue 2" ""

"NAME_CHANGE" 22 "Bundesliga" ""
"NAME_CHANGE" 23 "2. Bundesliga" ""

"NAME_CHANGE" 29 "Eredivisie" ""
"NAME_CHANGE" 30 "Eerste Divisie" ""

Changed them in FM Editor too but still not working. Something is overwriting them...anyone have any idea what?

Anyone playing this game again? 
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I've figured out the problem.....the Editor needs to be launched as Administrator. 

Its odd, if you don't launch as Administrator, the database loads and changes can be saved. And if you launch it again, the changes are still there.

Its like there are 2 instances of the db even though only 1 is visible in the directory.

This can be closed. Not sure if this thread can just be locked/archived in case any other nostalgic people encounter same issue?

@Mod Team - thanks for your patience and leaving this up for day.

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