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[FM21] The Great San Marino Challenge

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After a few years in an awkward situation, the San Marino challenge is making a comeback! Following the demise of the old San Marino Calcio in 2019 and the awkwardness of editing/removing Cattolica, a new team was formed in July this year. It is called Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica Victor San Marino or A.S.D.V. San Marino, for short.



from @Handyfernandy (thanks for the heads up)

The club will be entering into the Eccellenza Emilia-Romagna Group C (5th tier) of Italian football. It is known they will join the Excellenza-leagues, but not which, yet – so I thought this was the most realistic

The club will play at the Stadio di Acquaviva, which is also home to SS Virtus and the San Marino Academy Women’s team – not at the national stadium and home of the old SM calcio, surprisingly.



from corriereromagna.it

The limited information I could find on the club on the web in English or articles I have translated have put the club’s staff as follows;

President - Luca Della Balda (SMR)
Coach – Gianni D’Amore (ITA)
Assistant Coach - Giampaolo Ceramicola (ITA)

And that’s pretty much it. I have tried to put them on par with other tams in the 4th/5th tier but it seems they end up with a very small budget, relatively, but this wasn’t meant to be easy!

I’ve also managed to get some fantastic (fantasy) kits created (thanks to UseTheFrags), which we can use in this save.



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Home                                    Away                                     Third

So, with the bunch of edits I have made for this save to work, the challenge can largely follow the old form of the challenge. So, without further ado,

This challenge entails winning the World Cup with the San Marino National Team, while using A.S.D.V. San Marino as a club to help develop players from the nation (and/or a team in the San Marino domestic league  




Things you will need to download


·         You will need an Italian leagues database that goes to at least level 5, I recommend using the database by Sangue Blu, as it is the only one currently updated for 21.4


·         You will need a database for the San Marino domestic league, I have used the one by claassen, as he always makes great stuff. However, I had to personally verify it for the 21.4 database to match the Italian one in the editor. Link below
I will happily take this down if claassen is unhappy


·         You will also need the edit I have made to create A.S.D.V. San Marino in the game.
Link Below (Make sure it loads last)




·         I have created a small graphic pack with logos for the club, stadium picture, and kits (from UseTheFrags) - just extract into graphics folder and reload skin. Link Below

·         Strongly recommend logo and kitpacks (I’m using TCM and SS packs – but cant find any kits for other teams in tier 5)


Of course, if you are using any other methods/databases/versions of FM you are more than welcome to post here! - the thread for FM19 and FM20 will remain.


Rules and Instructions


To have the option to manage the San Marino National Team you MUST select the "Advanced" option on the database size screen; and then go to nations, San Marino and make sure "load all players of nationality" is ticked or you'll be unable to take control of the National Team. This must be done when selecting leagues at the start of the save.  You have the choice of managing the National Team from the start of the save, or not. I strongly recommend adding players to playable teams.

Don't use the in-game editor or genie scout.  No changes in the pre-game editor other than those needed to make the challenge possible.

Profile and tactics are up to you, but no save scumming. Extra points for funny names.

You can approach the rise to Serie A as you see fit.  To make this tough challenge harder, you are quite welcome to go for a Youth only challenge, sign Sammarinese players only - or sign whoever you want.  At some point, the club will need to focus on developing Sammarinese talent from the youth system to feed the National Team.  Developing the youth system is tough early in the save, as the club's finances aren't great.

Please post updates in this thread - tag me with a screenshot as evidence and I'll update achievements.  A few targets on the way are in the posts below, hopefully to keep things interesting as the World Cup is some distance away at the start of the save!  Likewise, tag me if you are bowing out, and I'll make a note of your final status - getting the club to Serie A would still be a massive achievement after all!

I recommend you make a list of achievements in a table or something at the bottom of your posts, too, in case I am unable to update the list.

Be friendly and good luck!


The legacy achievements people made in older versions of FM remain in @duesouth’s earlier thread https://community.sigames.com/forums/topic/496311-fm20-fm19-the-great-san-marino-challenge/


yes, I did use the old post by @duesouth as a template for this one

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San Marino National Team Targets/Achievements

Win a game: @6499red

Win a competitive game (includes Nations League): @6499red

Have a player beat Andy Selva's 8 goals scored record:

Have a player score 50 international goals: 

Have a player score 100 international goals:

Have a new gen reach 100 caps:

Have a player score a hat-trick in a game:

Beat a team ranked in the top 50 in the world: 

Get San Marino into the top 150 in the world:

Get San Marino into the top 100 in the world:

Get San Marino into the top 50 in the world:

Get promoted from Nations League D: @6499red

Get promoted from Nations League C:

Get promoted from Nations League B:

Qualify for the European Championship Finals:

Qualify for the World Cup Finals:

Win the Nations League:

Win the European Championships:

Become the number one ranked team in the world:

Win the World Cup:

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Club Targets/Achievements

Win promotion from the Eccellenza / Title:

Win promotion from Serie D:

Win a Serie D Title :

*Win the Serie D Cup:

*Win the Serie D Scudetto Dilettanti Championship Tournament:

Go pro:

Win promotion from Serie C:

Win the Serie C title:

*Win the Serie C Cup:

*Win the Serie C Super Cup (3 Champions):

Win promotion from Serie B:

Win the Serie B Title:

Go from Eccellenza to Serie A in 4 seasons: 

Go from Serie D to Serie A in 3 seasons: 

Go from Serie C to Serie A in 2 seasons:

Avoid relegation in Serie A in your first season in this division:

Have a club youth product score 20+ goals in Serie A:

Have a club youth product win player of the year in Serie A:

Qualify for Europe:

Win Manager of the Year in Serie A:

Win the Coppa Italia:

Win the Supercup:

Win Serie A:

Go Undefeated in Serie A:

Win the Europa Conference League:

Win the Europa League: 

Win the Champions League:

Win Serie A with a squad of only Sammarinese players:

Win the Champions League with a squad of only Sammarinese players:



*not sure if its in the database

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  • 6499red changed the title to [FM21] The Great San Marino Challenge

Pre - Season and International Update


Pre - Season




Pre-Season was ok. We were better at the end of it – against Alfonsine, all 3 goals came after 90 minutes. However, they are a team recently relegated to our level, so its pretty good.


So after pre-season, we are expected to be on the verge of relegation (there are two spots). Hopefully we get some of that luck the national team has been getting recently.


Cesarini is Sammarinese, so I suppose its good to have Sammarinese players in leadership positions.


The contracts we can offer are often at best ¼ of those that teams in our league can offer, but we will manage. Not too many of our players are rated for this level either. I suppose at this point, ironically, it would be best to have no Sammarinese first teamers so we don’t lose them for internationals (will happen until Serie A?) – but I will try to use / develop some of the better ones.





So, as Liechtenstein beat Gibraltar 5-0 (!!!), if we manage to beat Gibraltar, we will go through.

The fans are on their way in, the banners are out, what a game it is going to be at the San Marino Stadium.


Golnucci smacks home the opener! 20 mins.


The fans know what that means!


Dolcini gave away a penalty, can Benedettini save?


He’s gone the wrong way, and as it stands, Liechtenstein are through. 40 mins.




Palazzi sends one into the back of the net! Pandemonium at the San Marino stadium!!! Andy Selva’s got his shirt off!!! 48 mins.


Berardi off 87 mins – can we hold on?


The boys did it!!! The greatest day in the history of the national team! (so far :) )


Confirmation of our promotion


I feel very lucky in the group we got, every single one of those teams in the other D-group is miles better than the ones in our group – next NL campaign is going to be tough. Its going to be a step up, but well try our best.


A very successful 2020 for the national side!

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2020 / 2021 Mid - Season Update


Our group for World Cup 2022 qualification. Give us mercy.


Well, I think you could say that was a good start. So far, the club has NEVER lost a competitive game. I’ve tried to open up the tactics last few months and it seems to be working. That puts us in this position.


Not bad!


Pezzolato our best player this season. 15 goals and 2 assists in 14 games as a poacher/advanced forward. (I use Zealand’s face pack for regens)


Casali managing to keep senior international Matteo Moroni out of the team. Playing well on the left wing.


Traversari absolutely incredible. Already rated as a Serie D (league above) centre half and rapidly improving. With 18 aggression and 18 bravery not sure if he should be a footballer or MMA fighter.


Players that have appeared for us, sorted by average rating. Aimi is best I have seen for a goalkeeper. 8 clean sheets in 14 games.


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56 minutes ago, duesouth said:

@6499red This is amazing work - love the kits!  I'm enjoying Jarhead's Weird Man Challenge atm, but I can feel this calling to me...!


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Youth / Run - In update



Looking forward to this!


Ha Ha Ha, yeah he just has to walk up the road.


I will sign all of them, because the more Sammarinese players = better San Marino NT


Another aggressive, brave centre half. Likely a captain not so far in the future


AMC who I really like the look of, unfortunately we don’t play that position


So I did make him captain on his debut – gave away a penalty and got sent off – could have even cost us the title. But, the narrative.


Run -  In



We got found out. we ran out of steam. But can we hold on?


It's going down to the wire.

We play 11th, 5th, 13th

They play 7th, 9th, 4th, 15th - finishing 6 days later.

wish us luck.

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March WC Qualifiers


Yeah, not our best games ever. This is more of a long-term goal, methinks.

The Portugal game was the worst defeat I have ever had on FM (yet, lol) - Ronaldo scored 5.


Nice to know well get a full stadium to see us get battered by europe's elite.


There are quite a few newgens coming through at a standard high enough for the squad and with decent potential - some of the players in the youth intake literally couldn't sign youth contracts fast enough to be involved. But I'm sure we will see more of these guys in the future.


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End of season 2020 / 2021


We’ve played two more league games – at least we won one. All of Ascani’s 4 goals have come in games we have lost.


2 games to go. We have a slight advantage but are very inconsistent at the moment.


Oh dear. We were awful.

Now we NEED our last match, and hope Savignanese (FC) drop points. Our goal difference counts for nothing, 2nd sort is games between teams. Theirs is a week after due to there being 15 teams – we wont know till a week after our last game – not ideal. Promoted or not, I need to have a big look at the tactics alongside the inevitable squad overhaul.


That’s not helping!!


It’s us or Savignanese (FC)


Here’s for hoping well still be in it by this point


Well that’s that. Threw everything we could at them for 90 minutes but it still wasn’t enough.


To be honest, we were so bad in large parts of the second half of the season I don’t feel like we have been robbed – we clearly threw it away. Of course, I should have adapted the tactics better as when teams started to be wise to our brand of “Route one counter-attack” football, we really struggled.

Plan for next season;

·       I hope I can develop a more sustainable set of tactics – more flexible and more reliable.

·       Our players are developing and some players who are actually capable of this level now want to join (albeit I can’t afford 95% of them)- helping in our push for the title next season.

·       However – the tiny wage allowance is still a large problem, especially when I still have to pay all my youth players £25 or £45 per week to keep them on a contract, when first teamers rarely earn more than £60. I wish I didn’t sign the whole intake, might try and release some / sign to non-contract deals.

·       I’m going to try and bring in more loans and decrease coaching staff to help financially – but the ones I do have will cost less with renewed contracts than similar staff if I was bringing them in new.

·       Also, in a way, it’s kind of good we didn’t because winning the league every year is boring. Also another year to develop, making it more likely we stay up in Serie D when we get there, as we have a very young but developing core.

·       The San Marino Academy has one of the highest youth recruitment ratings in the game (18) so I should keep an eye on them (It starts like this, not edited)


The board’s “master-plan”



I feel like those two don’t go hand in hand when our average attendance is less than 20% of capacity….





 Checked the editor and the stadium I gave them is definitely in Acquaviva (club matches stadium) – but when I check it in game it says its Acquaviva Picena. Maybe editor data needs updating. Oh well. Its funny.

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I’m going to do yearly updates from now on, unless something particularly interesting happens.


Season 2021 / 2022








We won the league. We were much better this season, changing to a 4-5-1 and utilising Moroni in his favoured AMC role. Our young core of players is now really staring to improve, we will be able to have a good crack at Serie D next year. I also released a lot of youth players that will never be good enough, freeing up wage budget and helping financially.






Best Players



Pezzolato, ST(C) – Main striker and top scorer with 23 in 25 starts. Was intending to leave but after a lack of interest in January we were able to sign him to a new 2-year deal. Club record appearance and goal holder.


Traversari, D(C) – Exceptional centre-half. Was rated as a Serie D player long before the season started – rejected an offer from Siena. Would not sign a new contract, tried to move on in January for a sell on clause / arrange friendly / loan back but no takers so he will leave at end of contract. Towards the end of the season, I dropped him so Allessandro Eretta 1A could get some minutes.



Moroni, AM(C) - Excellent this season after an indifferent last season. Was moved from M/AM(L) to AM(C), it’s excellent to have his pace coming from deep.

Honourable Mentions

Gorzegno, D(C), https://ibb.co/k4SG0gW
Scored 7 goals and got 3 assists this season, key at set pieces both big man at corners and chucking in the long throws. Club captain. Unfortunately, he suffered a broken ankle due to an awful challenge on him in the penultimate game - has now decided to retire.

Colombo, GK , https://ibb.co/VmQ2GLf
Only played 3 games at the end of the season, but he will be key next season and it is important that the San Marino no.1 gets games (he was a free agent when signed)





Squad sorted by minutes played


Youth Intake







They are still trying to find a new stadium, it says it will be ~2800 capacity.

Junior coaching increased to Average


National Team






We performed above my expectations in the WC quals, as we manged to do the double over Azerbaijan.






Most talented Sammarinese players




Notable youth products



Brunel, M(L) – Most promising youth product outside of A.D.S.V., nailed-on starter for the national team. It’s funny that the only competitive football he has ever played is international matches.





Our next nations league group.









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Pezzolato leaves


I think its a pretty good deal though, would have likely lost him next season anyway + its a pro club so less likely he leaves on a free

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Can't wait to return to the San Marino challenge on FM22. I've been playing this challenge as long as I can remember, only stopping recently due to their demise. My favourite achievements are winning the World Cup on FM16 (I think), and having a striker make 1000 appearances in a later version.

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