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Game hangs on last game of season for Custom League setup

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Helping xECK29x with some league setup stuff, and coming across some weird behaviors; things I'm able to work around, but logically, I feel like some of the things should work.

Mind you, we have an alternate way to make this work, which will be in the released version, but wondering if it's league setup that's the issue or if there's some other underlying stuff.

For this example, we are working on the United States Premiere Hockey League.

65 teams in 10 divisions.

In this version we have 2 stages. Regular season, 32 teams make the playoffs. I cannot find a way to make this format work (i've tried changing all different team picking rules (that work in other or smaller leagues).

The fact that the league loads and you can play the whole season, makes me think the issue may be somewhere else, but the settings for the playoffs seem to match other single stage regular season to playoff settings. Attached save USPHL_Hang_On_31Mar.zip, is saved on the last day of the regular season. I am unable to get past this point in this save with this set up, I've tried team picking, by list, conference, division, and database comp, and all the same results. Just wondering, why it crashes at that point.

Second issue, Teams are listed by division, which is correct;



But if you go to regular season standings, the teams/points get very wonky. See 

Also, there seems to be a single asterisk on this view, which does not denote anything particular (but from other leagues, usually means places 2 & 3 in the division, but this not the case here). See team Skipjacks HC, 61 points, 2nd in their division, have not clinched a playoff spot whle having 61 points, listed as 38th place.


I've also attached an image of league settings for stage 2: PO's, which seems to match other similar setup, yet smaller leagues.




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