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I suddenly and inexplicably lost over 33% of my hard earned money to "other" expenses

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Hello, I'm new to the forum. And I'm still relatively new to the game

I'm using a custom database, which unlocks english leagues down to 11th tier of the football pyramid. I took my club to 8th tier of the pyramid. This season I was able to earn £60k from playing in the FA Cup, which was a huge boost for my club. However at the beginning of the new year, my club lost £20k for reasons I don't understand. All it says in my financial tab is "other £20.000". A perfectly even number

It's frustrating to lose such a large amount of money earned in a succesfull cup run. I would find it easier to accept if I understood what happened, if someone could explain it to me. But I'm pretty sure I did absolutely nothing to cause this. I was just sitting there, playing matches and clicking "continue".



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Here is the popup info for "Other":


So perhaps your board used it for advertising? I've got no idea, mind, so I'm just guessing. If you think this is an error, then please post a bug report in the bugs section and let SI take a look.

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It's worth remembering that the clubs overall balance isn't really too much of your concern as a manager. 

The game isn't equipped to portray finances down to that level, and so there may be weird outcomes. My hypothetical guess is that certain costs have a ballpark figure related to the standard you're at somewhere in the background and not set by the creator of this. So when your team has hit the trigger for this kind of expense its being levied at a higher level of footballs calculation. 

At the same time, remember that in game the owners of the club ultimately get to determine how much to spend on things. Having had that cup run and having that money in the back can just as easily mean that the game has calculated the owners have determined to spend it on something that doesn't directly relate to the benefit of the first team.

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Suspect some of the expenses are proportional to how much money you have in the bank to balance things out a bit. Custom divisions aren't going to have as many checks and balances on them as the built in ones either.



Worst example of a board handling expenses was when they gave me an 8 million combined wage / transfer budget for the Bundesliga, despite having me put twice as much in the bank with my promotion season

Thought their announcement of a new stadium at the end of the season (after I'd added another £50m to their coffers) explained the ridiculously tight budget. Then they paid themselves 25m in dividends...

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