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Ghost Sign-in

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What’s with the forum ghost signing in registered users? This started a few days ago and I thought it was just a little bug that would be fixed, but it’s continued without any abating. 
Am I mistaken? Or is it just happening to my account?

 All I’m seeing on pages of the site is “No registered users viewing this page”. But I’m pretty sure I’m a registered user and I noticed that the number of users I usually see at the bottom of each page has also dramatically decreased in number. It makes me presume that it’s not just on my account alone that something’s going wrong. 
It’s not affecting my ability to use the forum or post though. But just wondering what’s happening…

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There was a forum software update earlier this week and there have been a number of anomalies come to light, which are being looked into now.  Keep an eye on this and report back please if it is not resolved in a week or so.

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Also sometimes when I access the forum main page and I want to log in it's not in the language of my native Country, in which case my log in process goes wrong and I have to log in again.

This does not block me from using the forum anyway.

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