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Strange days in football

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I know there's a lot going on in footballing world nowadays, some of the stuff going on we could say "not even in FM that'd ever happen". Like Messi leaving Barcelona (and not for retirement), CR7 back in MU, and I could go on and on. Yet, I'm here to share with you guys something that happened in my save that I dare say "not even in FM". End of season 1, the Euro just wrapped up, and the winner was:


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2 minutes ago, rusty217 said:

heh, my first Euros was kind of similar. Austria beat Ukraine in the final, with Scotland being one of the semi-finalists too (knocking England out on penalties in the quarters).

That's a shocker too, but look closely the teams that Bosnia beat along the way to the final, every fallen "enemy" would be a favourite any given year. Amazing run. I've never seen anything like that in all my FM seasons

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