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Ein Team! Eine Stadt! Ein Vorfahr!


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2023/24 Season Preview

Last season was our best yet, but we'still not good enough. We've again had a decent pre-season, with no major injuries and the board again want Mid-Table in the 3.Bundesliga out of us this season. Let's hope we beat this and get promotion this season
We were given a smaller wage budget at £57k and a higher £640k transfer budget to start the season with but, once again, we've cut a lot of high-earning players!! We managed to re-up a key player in Mikki van Sas for 4 years with a possible 6 years in extensions, so he's ours now

The first team currently looks like this on July 1


As you can see, we've almost reached our goal, but for Christian Beck's 5 for Pace.

And, as ever, we set out our scouting stall!


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August Transfer Window 2023

First priority this season was to fix our defence. Then try to get better with some choice signings.

Transfers IN:


  • DL Orhan Öztürk (£250k, Kasimpaşa) Work Rate: 10, Pace: 13 - DNA: Passed

Much as we were pretty well stocked at DL, we needed someone to sit and grow to become our established left back. Hopefully Öztürk is that guy.


  • DM/M/AMC Splinter de Mooj (free, Feyenoord Rotterdam) Work Rate: 12, Pace 13 - DNA: Passed

We desperately needed defensive depth in the middle of the park and de Mooj was the best we could get with our scouts only being part-time.


  • M/AMC/ST Malik Tillman (free, FC Bayern München) Work Rate: 11, Pace 15 - DNA: Passed

Our big signing for the off-season was another FC Bayern youngster. Malik will be our main creative heart this season to replace the ageing Jansen


  • DC Luca van der Gaag (£250k, VfL Onasbrück) Work Rate: 13, Pace: 14 - DNA: Passed

Our first centre back in through the door. Luca is everything we want in a DC. A price, but we're not going to lose out by getting him


  • D/WB/ML David Herold (Free Agent) Work Rate: 12, Pace 15 - DNA: Passed

We had a monster bid (for us!) accepted for our starting full-back so we needed a new first choice FB. And Herold was that guy


  • MLC Anton Sirén (Free Agent) Work Rate: 14, Pace 13 - DNA: Passed

Again, this was a case of covering positions and our creative positions needed the cover. 

We also picked up two loans from our parent club


  • DRLC/WBL Lloyd-Addo Kuffour (loanBorussia Dortmund) Work Rate: 10, Pace 13 - DNA: Passed

We were very light on cover at right back and an injury to Itter would sink us, so I loaned in this guy


  • DC Colin Kleine-Bekel (loanBorussia Dortmund) Work Rate: 10, Pace 14 - DNA: Passed

Colin's back! We need the cover, so it's a mutual interest.


Transfers OUT:

MRL/AML Michael Houser (£250k, FC St.Pauli)
DL Nico Gottschalt (£15.25k, SSV Jahn Regensburg)
DRLC/DM/MC Brian Koglin (£20k, SV Mannheim)
DL Gideon Guzy (£1.5m, Hamburger SV)

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2024 Youth Intake Preview

It's that time of year again!


Let's walk through as ever

There are a lot of wingers in this system - When aren't there?? :D Always good to keep the prospect cupboard stocked
There is an attacking midfielder we should keep a very close eye on - Well, he'll be re-trained obviously, but I hope he's worth it
We have one good young German attacking midfielder from Staßfurt who has caught the eye - As above as it seems like the same player :D
This is a terrific group of players coming through, and has the potential to be a real golden generation for the club - I hope that we get players in to bolster our team, we need bodies
We don't foresee any new strikers coming through - That's fine, we have enough in that position for a few seasons tbh
Most of our new goalkeepers coming through are of poor quality - Again, we have three keepers who I'm happy to keep at the club
There are few good wingers in general - Oh. They save the worst for last. So we have lots of wingers, but they're all crap. FFS..

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  • 1200px-1._FC_Magdeburg_svg.thumb.png.0e9d98f31b925b962d37a68bb5eabef0.png

January 2024 Transfer Window

We got thoroughly raided this transfer window and our results were struggling along with it. Our regular right back Davide Ittler suffered a broken foot in October and the loan backup player was absolutely awful. So I was in full-on panic mode.

Transfers IN:


  • D/WBR Rafael Lopes (loan, Sporting Clube de Lisbon) Work Rate: 10, Pace 15 - DNA: Passed

PAAANNIIICC. We were getting battered from pillar to post because of poor right back play. So I put in scattergun bids for a number of full backs and this one was one of the fish caught in the net.


  • D/WBR Junior Diomandé (loan, Olympique Lyonnais) Work Rate: 13, Pace 16 - DNA: Passed

Another right back caught up in our net and luckily, he's the best one of them all!


  • WBL/DM/M/AMC John Johnson (loan, Borussia Dortmund) Work Rate: 13, Pace 10 - DNA: Passed

Our razing saw us lose our most creative player so, we needed a replacement quick and our parent club helped us out with this young Australian


  • D/DM/MC Adam Grostate (loan, Borussia Dortmund) Work Rate: 17, Pace 11 - DNA: Passed

Dortmund threw another shrimp on the barbie for us, by sending us another Australian youngster. Signed to provide cover for the defensive portion of central midfield, he's quickly become the dominant player there


Transfers OUT:

M/AMC Tom Maier (£100k, Fortuna Düsseldorf)
D/WB/M/AML/ST Aleksandar Thiel (£250k, SC Paderborn 07)
GK Calvin Drath (£5k, 1.FC Kaiserslautern)
DRC/MC Nick Engler (£88k, Erzgebirge Aue)
AMLC/ST Maximillian Persich (£5k, Arminia Bielefeld)
M/AML Justin Ohnesorge (£25k, Eintracht Braunschweig)
D/WB/MR Malte Hampf (£1.1m,
RCD Espanyol de Barcelona)
DC Per Berg (£5m, Bayer 04 Leverkusen)
DRL/WBL Niccolo Giocobbe (£86k, FC St.Pauli)
M/AMC/ST Malik Tillman (£1.5m, Karlsruher SC)

No less than FIVE players in the matchday squad were bought off us this window, including youth product Malte Hampf and star in waiting Per Berg. Hampf & Berg, along with Tillman, who was stolen on deadline day, and Thiel all had 50% sell on clauses attached to all their sales.


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Welcome to Eigenshaften - 2024


Welcome back to Eigenshaften for our 2024 youth intake. We'd had a number of improvements recently to our facilities, as shown above, so that we're now at Exceptional Youth Coaching and Exceptional Youth Recruitment. We also broke ground on our new training complex on the banks of the River Elbe. As ever, we will sign all the youth players and work on their flaws. When it comes to professional contracts, it'll be only the DNA qualifiers that get a contract.

So, without further ado, let's see what's turned up



Looks like a very nice haul. Let's check out our Top 3 prospects


  • ML Enes Küçük - Work Rate: 14, Pace 13 - DNA: Passed

Enes is going to be instantly re-trained to play at DL with a focus on Complete Wing Back. This may solve our full back issues as it will allow players to move about!


  • DC Lars Bohne - Work Rate: 12, Pace 13 - DNA: Passed

Lars is a good get here as he has the attributed to play for us in our designated style of play. Good news!


  • WBL Luis Bremser - Work Rate: 15, Pace 11 - DNA: Passed

Luis comes here with a fork in the road. Should he be trained for DL, with a Wing-Back focus or should I remould him into a Central Midfielder with a Defend focus? Choices, choices....

We had Lukasz Proschwitz as a better starred prospect in the intake, but his Work Rate was below DNA levels, so we need to hit that before he does anything else

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5 minutes ago, Djecker said:

Some good money from those sales though, you can probably do well investing that wisely!

Definitely, but with part-time scouting staff and DNA restrictions, it's harder than you think!

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40 minutes ago, Djecker said:

Loads of trials? Clubs will let transfer-listed/cheap players often come in for trials.

I am doing this, but it's also I don't want to stifle the talent coming through

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2023/24 Season.....Judgement Day


It was such a tight end to the season. we went on a barnstorming run from the end of December which saw us only lose twice! It came down to the final day and all we had to do, was match Uerdingen and Mannheim's results.


1.FC Magdeburg 0-0 Würzburger Kickers
KFC Uerdingen 05 0-0 VfL Osnabrück
Borussia Mönchengladbach II 0-0 SV Waldorf Mannheim 07

Not the most exciting first half of football for such an important set of games, apart from Uerdingen taking the lead and pushing us down into the playoff spot.


1.FC Magdeburg 0-0 Würzburger Kickers
KFC Uerdingen 05 1-0 VfL Osnabrück

Grimaldi 17
Borussia Mönchengladbach II 0-0 SV Waldorf Mannheim 07

Second half proved a roller-coaster ride, with Uerdingen and Mannheim both scoring a minute after the restart, pushing us out of the promotion spots. However, we had a bigger issue...

Our top striker had a calf injury and our star youth winger was sat on a 6.1, just 5 mins into the second half. So on came Kristoffer Krebs and Fabian Brandt. And it was Brandt's hard work on the left wing that saw him cut back the ball to David Herold, whose 20 yard strike had eyes as it flew into the far corner avoiding defenders and goalie alike to put us 1-0 up.

This put us back into the sole automatic spot. Krebs then hit the bar just 5 minutes later and we were on top. A warning shot was fired a few minutes after that, as Würzburger had the ball in the back of the net, but it was ruled out for offside.
Then, on 83 minutes, what seemed to be a simple backpass to the goalie seemed to just die unexpectedly and Kristoffer Krebs, chasing the lost cause, managed to get there a fraction before the goalie and lift the ball over him into the net for 2-0.

Pandemonium in the stands! Even a late goal by Würzburger couldn't dampen our spirits and we celebrated promotion by the final whistle


1.FC Magdeburg 2-1 Würzburger Kickers
Herold 57......................................Holtschoppen 84
Krebs 83

KFC Uerdingen 05 4-1 VfL Osnabrück
Grimaldi 17, 53...............................Noss 76
Göbel 46
Nzogang 68

Borussia Mönchengladbach II 0-1 SV Waldorf Mannheim 07
............................................................................................Metu 46


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On 25/09/2021 at 10:05, deltablue said:

That's the tightest end to a season I've ever seen!

It was insane. I was totally bricking in after their goal went in, but luckily it was OK!

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2023/24 End of Season Review

WOW! We finally did it. It.It was a poor start as we ended up only picking up two wins between August and December, but we clawed our way back in the second half of the season and we ended up finishing 3rd in 3.Bundesliga, which was our best finish under my stewardship and sealed our promotion on the final day!. We improved again with our defensive play this season, as we finished 9th overall in Goals Conceded, two places higher than last season. We also monstered the league, 1st in Goals Scored. so there's that to be happy with. 


Season Results July - Dec

Season Results Jan - May


Hilariously, Anton Raudsepp scored on the opening day, then didn't score again until January, then proceeded to tear through the league, scoring 19 goals in the second half


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2024/25 Season Preview

Last season saw us finally break our hoodoo and gain promotion from 3.Bundesliga, Our mission this season from the board was clear.  Avoid Relegation from the 2.Bundesliga and reach the Second Round of the DfB-Pokal in our first endeavour into it since I took over. We've also been given a wage budget of £65k p/w and £1.8m in transfer funds! Woo! Star striker Anton Raudsepp is getting antsy that we're not good enough for him, but for a player with a £15m release clause and me, willing to accept half that with a 50% sell on, there are surprisingly few teams willing to pony up, preferring to have their paltry £2.2m bids rejected.

The first team currently looks like this on July 1


Finally, we have minimum DNA requirements for everyone... Only the minimum requirements are going up this season...:ackter:


Scouting the U-19's as ever, looking for that bit extra quality this time.


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9 minutes ago, Sonic Youth said:

Congrats on promotion.

Goal difference seems to show how good each 70 points team was or I’m reading too much into it.

We lost heavily to both Uerdingen and Mannheim tbh, so no, it's not the best judge. Ours was padded by a 7-0 win against SV Wehen Wiesbaden

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August 2024 Transfer Window

Our first ever season in 2.Bundesliga meant that we needed to shore up at points as our team wasn't the best.

Transfers IN:


  • D/WBR Sergi Rosanas (free, FC Barcelona B) Work Rate 12, Pace 14 - DNA: Passed

Sergi came in to cure the fact we had zero depth at right back. He'd be the first choice right back, with Davide Itter as backup


  • M/AMC Lukas Heitmeier (loan, Borussia Mönchengladbach) Work Rate 17, Pace 13 - DNA: Passed

Lukas came in to provide some creativity in the middle of the park.


  • DC Colin Kleine-Bekel (Free Agent) Work Rate 10, Pace 14 - DNA: Failed

Colin was happy to come at the end of last season, however his wage demands were too high. So I let his contract expire and offered him reduced terms. This had the unfortunate side-effect of having him fail the increased DNA threshold


  • M/AMR/ST Zach Thomas (loan, Borussia Dortmund) Work Rate 14, Pace 16 - DNA: Passed

Zach joins our band of loanee Aussies. And that was really the only reason I signed him.


  • DM/MC Xavi Sintes (Free Agent) Work Rate 13, Pace 12 - DNA: Passed

The ex-Real Madrid B midfielder was spotted by our scouts and seems to have the talent to be able to anchor our midfield for the next few years.


  • WBL/DM/M/AMC John Johnson (loan, Borussia Dortmund) Work Rate 13, Pace 10 - DNA: Failed

Jonno came back to the club on loan so that he could help us stay in the division. Hopefully.


  • D/DM/MC Adam Grostate (loan, Borussia Dortmund) Work Rate 17, Pace 12 - DNA: Passed

Adam also returned to the club in tandem with Johnson so that we could try and escape a) the drop and b) that we had no midfielders of that level.

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