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Unable to play the game when offline

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Why am I unable to play the game offline anymore? 

I often have to travel for work and playing FMM helps me get through those journeys where I have to have my phone on airplane mode or when I have no phone reception? 

The last time I tried launching the app on airplane mode, I got the screen below and couldn't proceed past it. 

Why does it even need to be connecting with Google Play store anyway? 


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same here, made my own post but never had an answer, is it possible to fix it disconnecting google play until the game connects by itself again, or having the game open before losing connection, but those are not the most reliable or comfortable options, so it would be nice to have offline gaming again or at least knowing if its not coming back :)

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Thanks. Glad it's not just me. I've found the latter as a workaround but it's not ideal. I get the impression this was a decision to minimise game piracy but it seems heavy handed to punish the many for the actions of the few. 

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Posted (edited)

The only one that works for me is that you launch the game before you turn on airplane mode,as it's at  the point of launching it that it checks for data connectivity. 

However it doesn't always work for long as if I switch between other apps and go back to FMM, it sometimes shows me that message again and I can't proceed any further. 


It'd be good to get some sort of official response from SI. 

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