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[FM 21] Northern Irish Odyssey


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I played a long save in Northern Ireland in FM 20 and it was amazing. I never felt so in love with the game. However I always relied on the in game editor. Which upon reflection, makes the successes there feel lackluster. This go around the gloves are off. No in-game editor. Furthermore I am using my first transfer from FM 20 in a brand new save at our former league rivals Larne FC.

Larne FCLarne.jpg.f774ddeac725d1386d763de09613964b.jpg

As one of the few professional teams we are hoping to use this side to raise the state of Northern Irish football. Our aim is to one day regularly participate in the champions league group stage.

As for now we are well funded but still a pace off qualifying for Europe.

Danske Bank Premiership


The Media find us a dark horse none the less. Granting us a projected 3rd place finish. Which would make us eligible for the European Conference Tournament next year.

Unfortunately the Media does not think we have any top league talents positionally despite having Fuad Sule and Dean Jarvis listed in the divisional key players.



We really have some money to work with and we hope to build ourselves an infrastructure to lead us to a champions league berth in the next 3-4 years.

Our first hurdle is expanding our scouting to reach outside Northern Ireland as we will never take this league to new heights without an injection of fresh talent.

Club Vision


 As for the board, they are demanding an European place finish this year. With an eye to get into the Champions League in 3 years. However, with only a two-year contract for our protagonist. He will have to prove his mettle for a chance to lead this team to the promised land.

Jim Parker


 Who is this manager you might ask. He was our first signing last save and a starting winger for our Dungannon side for 8 seasons. Unfortunately he never received a national cap for Northern Ireland. Despite this he has finished his first coaching badge at the age of 37 and with his careered professionalism at the level of the game. The board at Larne were quick to sign him to a two-year deal. We will see if his no-nonsense style will be a winning mentality at Larne.

Squad: Starting XI 


 As usual I will give squad overviews 2-3 times a year. (Highlighted above is our starting 11.) Meanwhile outside of each transfer window I will highlight different positions throughout the season. Updates will happen for each month. Next month will highlight our goalkeepers.

Also will will try to highlight a player or two each update.

Ronan Hale


Our most promising prospect is none other than our shadow striker in the attacking midfielder role. He unfortunately hasn't played much there yet, but given his skills I think he could be a great fit especially with that work rate and stamina. 

Also being at the young age of 21. I hope to have him as a squad regular for at least the next 3-4 seasons.

We may end up moving him back to left midfielder if Jeff Hughes falls off too much this season, but for now this will be decent spot to utilize the numerous options in attack we currently have at the club.


We have a lot of work to do. The board would like us the buy young and turn a profit and I am inclined to agree. We will hopefully have some transfers made in our next monthly update at the beginning of September. I hope to have these updates out every other day or so.

Thanks again for following along.

If you would like to read my previous adventure you can find it here...


Stay safe!

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August 2020

The first month is in the books and we are off to an expensive start spending 6 times our transfer budget within 30 days. We knew we wanted a keeper, but were unwilling to settle for a loan.

However after making two good cheap signings we were spent. Luckily the board stepped in and paid the whole sum for a new young keeper. 



This lead us to having some of our 1.5 star current ability prospects go out on loan to help the wage budget a little bit.

Ben Hall


The first transfer was a 100 point scout recommendation. He was a solid 5 star potential player and in an area of need. Alongside his great current ability he slots in as our new starting ball playing defender. Falkirk will definitely regret letting him go. Astonishingly, despite these great signings our 3rd place projection has not changed nor has any player we acquired been in the media dream 11.

Ricardo Dinanga


Next is a player I could not believe was a free agent. We snapped him up and made him our starting shadow striker. Not only could he be homegrown for us, but he comes in as the best player on the team, hands down!

Daniel Langley


With no money left and disparaging I would never find a keeper. The board heard my pleas and allowed us to sign this potential star from Newcastle. He was touted as a 3 star current ability player, but that was not the case when he arrived. He should be a starter within two years at keeper.

Board & Fan Transfer Assessment


The board is really loving our signings whereas the fans are optimistic but cautiously so.



This unfortunately will make it hard to resign players. However I think come half way through the season we may be able to request more wage budget from the board.



Mitchell may have looked like a ready backup, but his determination is like 2. So I doubt he will ever improve.

Conor Devlin


Our starting keeper. He will have the job starting day 1, but it is definitely his to lose despite his 3 years of service.



Time for some friendlies to test our lineups and get some match sharpness. Anxious to see who we will get in the County Antrim Shield first round tie.

Thanks again for reading.


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