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Supporting F9 in 433dm ?

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Could you help me in this?

I want to use dm for my wingbacks feel free to support attacks and f9 as roll striker to confuse opposite defence. Probably CAM slot as better to this tactic, but what about 433? 



Many thanks in advance!

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Besides the fact I see the Mezzala as a difficult role to work well, I don´t see any big issues on your roles/duties. I would probably change the DLP-Su to an AP-Su, CM-Su or maybe BBM, as you have a DM and your wingback is not too adventurous, so the DLP-Su is not really needed here, I think. I think in this kind of systems a DLP-Su works better with a WB-At, but as you have an IF-At on that same side it could be a little bit dangerous, better stick with WB-Su and give more freedom to the central midfielder.

Personally I would consider removing "Pass into Space" as it can be counterproductive when trying to build from the back, but in general I don´t see any glaring issues with the instructions too.

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I'm guessing you are looking for your Mez to overlap the F9. In that case, perhaps a cm-a would be a better bet as the Mez is hard coded to stay wider whereas the cm can attack from central positions.

For your wing backs, I'd play it by ear. You can use either attacking duties or look for overlap to get them in the game. RB is a good shout for it.

I don't see much wrong with it though.

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