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South American Journeyman: The Hexágono [Video Content]


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Hello everyone. 

The Hexágono is my first venture into content creation on YouTube, and truth be told, I should have uploaded stuff to the forum ages ago, but here we are. 

I'm trying to branch out, learning new things and I'm just trying to get some eyes on it. 

The idea of the save is to start unemployed and win every league in South America and hopefully the Copa Libertadores.

Episode 34 is the latest upload and you join us in Uruguay with Penarol and we have a chance to win the Closing Stage title...


We started with Estudiantes BA in Argentina, got them to the Playoff finals before getting sacked for applying for jobs. Then it was off to the second division of Chile with Deportes Valdivia and this is where the journey really kicked off. 


Then we picked up the job at FBC Melgar in Peru, although unfancied, our tactic was good enough to push Alianza Lima all the way to the Championship Playoff.


We had the pick of the jobs in Colombia, we turned down Independiente Santa Fe, Junior, Medelin and others to take control of Deportivo Cali. Setting up a huge final against rivals America de Cali.


Feel free to catch up, or jump in at the latest episode. Just don't watch episode 1 - I've improved a lot since then haha. 

All subs on YouTube welcome. 

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Winning the Closing Stage in Uruguay saw Escobar Valdez clinch the league Championship and his fourth league title.

With only Brazil and Argentina left, it was time to hit the job market and wait for an opportunity. 

It didn't come for EIGHT months, but a change in international management provided us with an opening.

Check out the video to see who our new team is, what formation we are going to play, and the return of an old friend.




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