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Transfer next sale + buy back combo?

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Hi, Is it smart to use "Percentage of next sale" and an agreed "Buy back price" together when selling a player? Or do you perhaps get a better deal without the Percentage back later? And do you even get the 40% back when you buy the player in the future or is it just if someone else buys him?


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I have never tested it but my gut feeling would tell me that it doesn't work as I don't think that the game considers a sale and a buyback price to be the same. It should be tested. 

However it is only worth it if you can negotiate something that would be very different from the normal buyback price. For instance in your case if the buyback price is 10m you will effectively buy it back for 6m. So what should also be tested is that can you get a better deal by doing buyback + profit from next sale (assuming it works) vs just a lower buyback price. 

For me the best "combo" when buying a player is to add a loan back clause with the cancel loan feature. You can reduce the price of the player substantially or allow for transfers that wouldn't work otherwise. If you do it very early in the transfer Window you might even be able to cancel the loan before the end or the window so that is a free option but somewhat of an exploit. 

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