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Ligue 2 -the last save before FM22 challenge

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After several seasons spent playing online (Greenock Morton, Nottingham Forest, Lucchese/Venezia, Leyton Orient) holidays almost killed my FM needs, however...

Recent transfers, lot of talents and PSG dominance made french league more interesting than ever. Opted for Toulouse FC, as used to work around  there 20 years ago,  attended their 2000/2001 opening game vs Bastia, even got their kit somewhere. Started the game alone,but put it as an online game, eventually slovenian guy joined Guingamp and things are going slowly forward. And yes, as some may know already, its not a game on a maximum speed -work and life balance. Times are irregular and when playing, you still have the time to do necessary things as scouting or tactical issues.
We re in the middle of the 1 st season, both clubs are promotion contenders, however le TFC are more into playoffs than automatic promotion due to a dreadful start. Got a decent run in the cup however, im about to face fellow L2 side Dijon in the Quarter Final.
Concerning le TFC, some interesting signings were made, including Yuriel Celi, Zeljko Gavric, Jessy Deminguet, Tino Kadewere (loan), Perr Schuurs (loan) while Adli and Antiste performing really well and now the squad looks ready for promotion push.

Currently ligue 2 teams are available to join , just PM me to arrange playing times if interested ("kostropaty" on steam).

Name of the server - "ligue 2 open", no password. Often loaded when im busy, so basically you can just jump in, set all things and leave me your contact details.
Database - large/custom (players from all the top division clubs from south america f.ex.)
Based on sortitoutsi update from the past week or so (Messi at PSG), that FM22 feeling...
Tried to attract the best player that I ve played against ("beggaz") -failed for now, but got Messi at PSG, wont be easy anyway.


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After some break, we ve just finished the 1st season. Roberts EAG outplayed everyone and clinched the title wuite early. My TFC ,unbeaten from more than 30 games, struggled with complacency, many goalless draws and eventually missed the automatic promotion by a point. Had some success in the French cup, lost in semis vs PSG on pens (1-1 FT).  Won vs Nimes (2-1) and Troyes (2-1 on agg.) and eventually got promoted. Ligue 1 next season, all newcomers are welcome (L1 teams to pick as well, but rather bottom half clubs).

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