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[Suggestion] International Management


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National Teams management is too far away from what it should be, in terms of game development, so these suggestions are just a way of making it nearer club management.


- Training: Yes, national teams do have training. Usually, in a 10/11 days camp, training is actually crucial in real life to recover players from their clubs matches and prepare the team tactically for their next games. We should be able to do it even because, if you're managing a national team and you don't even have to bother with trainings, it's waaayyyy to boring. By the way, in big competitions with camps of one month, even more important.

- Analysis: Yes, national teams also analyse opponents and have performance analysts, obviously. So just being able to hire them so that they do their job, would be a huge help.

- Scouting: I do like to check my national pool, before selecting a squad, and compare the players based on the stars ranking (which is a perfect feat of FM). We should set like a group of players that we want to constantly be scouting and have those evaluations always available. And then we should ask for some ad hoc scouting reports of players that are starting to show up (and the capacity of having a large scouted pool of players should be as big as the skill and numbers of the technical staff.

- Olympics: This is one part that I hate in real life football but it is what it is and I do like realism. Clubs might refuse to let their players go to the Olympics. Now, this is a tricky part because players might want to go and force their clubs to let them go (see Richarlison for example), they might not be interested in going if they just had a big transfer to a bigger being a young player and a small club might even be interested in letting him go because it would be a chance of increasing his value and profit from it in a future transfer. (I wouldn't like to be in charge of coding all these condictions lol).

- In charge of more than one age group: Still on the Olympics subject, there are nations that hire coaches for the First Team and Olympic team (happens in Asia), others hire them for the U-21s and Olympic team (Europe) and others just hire one specifically for the Olympic (U-23) squad. When we got an offer, those things should be adressed.

- Contracts: For christ sake, let us have a normal contract! Contract duration, renewals, bonus, they should all apply (they do in real life). I know that big competitions happen in the transition from one season to the other so there's a risk that the manager runs out of contract in a middle of a competition, but these should be set like (Duration: Until 2022 World Cup, or 2024 Copa America) and have objectives for all competitions and maybe even ranking (it is unlikely that Mongolia will win a World Cup but we should still have clear objectives as how far we would go in terms of the FIFA Ranking).

- Staff Member's Contracts: This should be a way of getting competent staff to work for us. It's very hard to get good staff to work for small nations, hell, even for big nations. And I can't blame them, I wouldn't accept more work for no wage. And we should ask for exclusivity (or allow a dual career). The status of working for a national team should be good enough for some decent staff members to accept. 

- U23's ,U21's and U19's: They should work as the First Team so all the suggestions should apply to these teams as well. Oh, and usually these coaches are stuck in these national teams for their entire life and these national teams almost look like a staff cemetery.


That's it (so far).

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  • SI Staff

Thanks for compiling the ideas in the discussion in the form of these suggestions, some of these we've had before and as such are part of our internal database for features to consider. Not sure if i've seen the one about analysts yet, so that is also now part of that database. As such they may end up rejected or with further development end up in a future version of FM :) 

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