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Help needed with setting up a mid block

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I've been having decent success using this tactic for 20+ seasons and went from the 3rd division in France to Ligue 1 and stayed in mid table for 10+ years I was initially using two IF (S) paired with two WB(S)  but  couldn't  would bounce between 8th and 14th each season  a few seasons ago I changed one of my IS (s)  to Winger (s) and moved the WB (S) to FB(S) and for the last 5 years have finished between 4th-7th and won the French Cup in 2035 but after a few years I feel like the tactic has defensive  weaknesses that make it harder to beat big teams consistently 


So I thought that dropping the defensive lines and lines of engagement would make the team more compact but I just haven't  found the right combinations


I tried to change to a mid block but I can never seem to get the balance right on the out of possession point of view  I've tried standard line of engagement + standard defensive line + more urgent pressing + prevent short GK distribution + offside trap

And standard line of engagement + standard defensive line +offside trap + more urgent pressing 

And standard line of engagement  + standard defensive line with no offside trap or urgent pressing or preventing short GK distribution but it never seems to work 

So I'm just kinda confused as to what else it could be should I remove "counter press?"

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One of the main benefit of playing a mid-block rather than a high block is to invite opposition in so you can have more space to attack when you regain possession. 

As it stands you have 0 attack duty so no one will exploit the space.

The way i see it you see improvements in results with squad quality rising over the years, not because of the tactic.

I suggest you tweak some roles and duties on your tactic first.

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5 hours ago, DarJ said:

As @Fatkidscantjumpsaid the aim of a mid block is to win the ball in midfield and turn defence into attack quickly but with the setup of your roles thar won't happen.

If you want to play a mid block I suggest this instead 


I tried that tactic but ran into trouble quickly, what  would you say is wrong with the defensive set up in the one I'm currently using and what roles do you think I could use to strengthen the defensive side.

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There isn't anything wrong with your defensive set up. It's not a mid block though, it's a slightly high block. It might be you don't quite have the players to defend that way against big teams, so maybe just drop the lines a little. You could try lower engagement/standard defensive line which gives plenty of space to counter.

I think your main problem is you have no attack duties so no one is going to run into advanced positions to stretch play. That could be your winger, IF, a mid from the center, or a full back. I'd suggest the WB and either the W or right sided CM.

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