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[FM21] Thats Leffe! Thats what all the people say! Homegrown Challenge!


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The Save

I have decided to try out my homegrown challenge as my last save for FM21. I am quite interested in trying this and see how it goes!


  • Agree on a nation and select a team that is in the lowest playable league 
  • You can only sign players who are 18 years old or younger. They must join the club whilst 18 to become eligible to be homegrown! Any players outside of that are not allowed
  • If you sell a player prior to him becoming homegrown you CANNOT sign him back
  • If you sell a player after he has become homegrown you can sign him back
  • See how far you can get up the leagues as well as trying to become the club with the most developed players playing in a top nation!

The Club

I have decided to go for AlbinoLeffe who are in the bottom playable division of the Italian league. They have pretty good youth facilities so hopefully I can bring through some good youngsters!



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These 3 were no longer required especially as we brought in some pretty decent young replacements.



We spent just under 400k on the best three 18 year olds I could find. All 3 will get game time this season and hopefully they can improve to hit their top potential!


Spitale will be used as our rotational AMC. Good potential here!


Ferri is definitely more first team ready. I will be using in in the deep lying role I utilise. Really solid all rounder already at this level.


Lastly Cristiano will come in as our 3rd choice striker with the hopes being that he displaces 31 year old Cori in the first team before the end of the season.

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Mid-Season Review



It has been a very good first half to the season. A couple of small blips but we have done very well thus far.

League Table


At one stage Pro Vercelli were 10pts clear but us and others have pulled them back.

Italian Cup


Goalkeeper Watch

Forgot to set this, has been set for the 2nd half of the season!

Player Review - Giacomo Tomaselli


Being used mainly on the wing rather than wingback and he is providing some good return. 5 goals and 9 assists thus far this season!

Youth Intake Preview


I would love the Northern Irish winglet they are calling out to be a nice prospect. Would make it a great first intake on that alone!

Team Review



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Youth Intake 2021

Lost my screenshot of the candidates but it was an awful intake bar one player!


The Northern Irishman is the only player with the potential to break into our first team. He has been called up immediately and will look to get him game time!

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End Of Season Review



A fantastic end to the season. A lot of very tight games but we did what we needed to to get the points on the board!

League Table


We ended up 11pts clear and win the title fairly comfortably!

Italian Cup


We nearly made it into the first round proper but a 91st minute goal sent it to extra time where we went down to 9 men and conceded twice.

Serie C Super Cup


We did end up winning the Series C Super Cup with 2 wins over Bari and Triestina!

Goalkeeper Watch

Savini scored 3 goals and Caruso didn't score any!

Player Review - Davide Ferri


Ferri was one of our signings at the start of the season. He has developed really well this season and has become our starting holding midfielder. Hopefully he can up his numbers slightly next season!

Player Of The Season - Carmine Giorgione


Our main AMC was a massive player for us this season. 10 goals and 14 assists really led us to the title!

Young Player Of The Season - Giacomo Tomaselli


7 goals and 10 assists for Tomaselli means he was a big part of our team this season. Providing good quality from the left or the right!

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Mid-Season Review



A very good first half of the season for us! Outside of a few clubs there isnt too big a difference between Serie C and Serie B!

League Table


We sit in 3rd 1pt behind the playoff spot and 4pts behind Parma at the top of the league!

Italian Cup


We make it into the first round of the Italian Cup and what a draw to get! Away to Inter!

Goalkeeper Watch

Savini has 2 goals and 1 assist in 16 games and Bazzini has 1 goal in 8 games!

Player Review - Davide Mondonico


Our best defender and he has been performing very well thus far. 2 goals and an assist from centre back as well as a very good defensive record means he is invaluable currently!

Youth Intake Preview


Expecting nothing here!

Team Report


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Italian Cup


Well we give it our best shot. An amazing performance. It took Inter extra time to beat us and we were down to 10 men from the 65th minute!

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Some former first team players in here who were no longer required as we were quite bloated in those areas and some are hitting their twilight careers. Cori had a solid season last year but his stats and his ability are deteriorating quite quickly. Caruso was a backup keeper who was in his 30's and with a couple of keepers brought in he was no longer required. Petrungaro was young but wanted more game time so was sold and similar with Canestrelli.



Podda is a solid centre half we have signed who can cover either full back positions although with that crossing and dribbling lets hope he isnt out there to often!


Pio Daniele is our 3rd choice keeper who will stay in the u20's this season with a potential loan move next season for him to develop. 


Probably our best signing of the summer. Shpendi has come in and performed very well thus far and still has big potential to fill!


Full back was one of the areas we were really struggling with as we were mainly using centre backs out each side. DiMarco is an out and out full back and with that good acceleration has become a very useful player. 


Bizzini came in as our backup keeper but is slowly ousting Savini out of the number 1 spot!

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End Of Season



A fantastic 2nd half of the season with only 1 defeat and 3 draws.

League Table


We end up winning the league by 5pts and would have ben joined by Bari (who went up with us last year) if they hadn't have thrown a big lad in the playoff final 2nd leg!

Italian Cup


We get to the first round proper were we give Inter an almighty scare!

Goalkeeper Watch

Bazzini scored 1 goal in 20 games and Savini scored 3 goals and got 1 assist in 22 games

Player Review - Kevin Grieve (YP21A)


The only youth player we have signed in 2 seasons. Grieve now has 2 under 21 caps. for NI and has provided an impressive 12 assists in 21 games this season.

Player Of The Season - Alberto Cristiano


The best player at the club. Top scorer in Serie B and developing really nicely. 22 goals and 8 assists this season show how vital he was to us.

Young Player Of The Season - Stiven Shpendi


A free transfer signing at the start of the season and he provided a lot of vital goals and assists. 5 goals and 6 assists in 11 (10) appearances.

Other News


A new stadium will be built, just dont know the details yet!

Team Report


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2 hours ago, deltablue said:

Nice going in Serie B

Yeah its been not much of a step up if honest. We have barely changed the team at all and ended up winning it. Bari who came up with us last season should have joined us but threw away a lead in the playoff final!

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Mid-Season Review



As expected a very tough season for our young squad who currently lack the quality for this level.

League Table


We sit in the relegation zone 1pt off Empoli. If we can manage to survive this season we can hopefully improve next!

Italian Cup


We have managed to get into the first round where we will face Sampdoria.

Goalkeeper Watch

Bizzini has 3 goals and 1 assist this season so far!

Player Review - Eric Maghoma


One of our best players. Being utilised mainly on the right hand side. He has struggled thus far, although most of the team have and has yet to open his scoring for the club. However he is developing nicely!

Youth Intake Preview


Not expecting much here!

Team Report


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January Transferss



Some of the older players have moved on as we signed a few more to be first team squad players



Some hit and miss ones here but lets go through them. Targeted some dual nation US players and some young players from around Europe!


Our new backup goalkeeper. Madison comes in on a free transfer from Indiana Fire!


This one my scouts found. A free transfer coming in from Darlington. He will be a first team squad player but lacks the current ability to be of real use.


Another of our American finds. Dual German nationality and he will come in as one of our rotational wingers!


Pappalardo is a good prospect coming in from France. Will spend a season or 2 in the youth teams with a potential loan out.


One of the misses! Will develop him in the youth team and see what happens!


And miss number 2! Will again develop him in the youth team and see what happens!


Our last signing was a great prospect signing. He is also everyones favourite nationality Sammarinese! Already a full international!

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After another awful youth intake where we signed no one (highest potential was 2 star) I have again tried to improve our youth recruitment and junior coaching.



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End Of Season



A rough 2nd half of the season for us as expected. Without a win in our last 10 games. Was the 5 wins prior to that enough for survival?

League Table


It was. We survived after the Bologna game and played some of there backup players in the final few games. A very successful season for us!

Italian Cup


Into the first round again where Sampdoria were simply too good for us.

Goalkeeper Watch

Bizzini scored 5 goals and got 1 assist this season!

Player Review - Alberto Luengo


Our starting left back now has progressed really well. Really solid mental for a player of his age and if we can work on those technicals and physicals a bit more we have a great left back on our hands.

Player Of The Season - Claus Larsen


Our top goal scorer this season hitting an impressive 20 goals and also weighing in with 5 assists. A great find by the scouts!

Young Player Of The Season - Juan Castano


After struggling in the first few months of the season Castano really came to life in the 2nd half of the season netting 5 goals and getting 6 assists!

Other News


This is great news. Moving from a stadium which holds under 4000 to a stadium that holds 22,500 is a big jump for us!



Allesandro Bizzini

Harry Maddison

Right Backs

Phil Marrufo

Diego Borghini

Left Backs

Alberto Luengo

Christian DiMarco

Centre Backs

Davide Ferri

Davide Mondonico

Lorenzo Podda

Def. Mid

Samuel Ciernik

Mike Hernandez

Att. Mid

Juan Castano

Allessandro Spitale

Kris Osborne


Eric Maghoma

Toni Knezevic

Kevin Grieve (YP21A)

Stivin Shpendi

Ben Aldrich


Alberto Cristiano

Claus Larsen

Mario Ravasio

David Andujar

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A massive transfers window where we got a lot of pre-signed players plus a few additional. Had to be smart as I only realised we could sign one non EU player which is the main reason I targeted EU (or EU eligible) players! A lot came from outside the EU but have dual nationalities!



We sold 5m worth of players. Ravasio would not sign a new contract and Bizzini I have replaced with 2 younger keepers with better potential. The other had dropped down the pecking order after a huge summer of ins and out. 16 players also went out on loan to get more game time!


Ron Velasquez

Brad Samit

Steven Finn

Antonio Javier Castaneda

Christopher Hutton

Enzo Gorosito

Segundo Lavielle

Gustavo Iturrieta

Simon Lewis

Pedro Guerreiro

Stefano Stridi

Daniel Ferrara

Arthur Leyson

Igor Kasunic

Tommaso Ferraroni

Adrian Basioli

Tokelo Motsetse

Nahuel Szerdi

A massive somewhere filled with a lot of potential but still not at the level to truly compete in Serie A for another 2 or 3 seasons. It will be about survival and development. We only spent money on 6 players. Ferraroni cost us the most and its a bit of a risk with our limited resources. 5.75m was spent on him. Szerdi cost just 4.2m, Kasunic 1.9m, Stridi 1.3m, Motsetse 800k and Pedro Guerrero 775k! A great summer transfer window and we have still a further 5 players to come in on pre-arranged deals. 4 in January and 1 in summer next season.


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Mid-Season Review



A tough start but we have bounced back amazingly well since. Including a 5 game win streak! Been able to spread games around as well and will have some interesting decisions to make with some players' futures!

League Table


We sit 8th comfortably clear of the drop zone and only a point outside the European spots!

Italian Cup


A poor first game of the season means we were beaten by a team who are a division below!

Goalkeeper Watch

No goals thus far for our keepers!

Player Review - Davide Mondonico


Still our best centre back but doesnt have the potential of some of the other players we have. Might be his last season as a starter before I blood in some of the youth!

Youth Intake Preview


A potential wing back? I wont hold my breath!

Other News



With the Serie A money we have been making steady progress. 2 more increases in the training facilities as well as a youth facility increase plus the new stadium means we are in a very good place currently!



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January Transfers



All of these were pre-arranged transfers. All again dual nationalities (1 Portuguese, 2 Spanish and 1 Italian)!

Luis Henrique

Joel D'Allessandro

Jose Abraham Martinez

Carlos Prati

Henrique, Prati and Martinez have immediately been loaned out for development whereas D'Allesandro comes in as one of our best players in the squad!



A lot of loans out here along with 2 permanent moves. Berrouche wasn't developing so was sold to Frosinone for just under 100k. Pappalardo on the other hand was a good prospect but got unhappy when I rejected a few bids so was sold on along with some additional clauses!

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End Of Season



League Table


Italian Cup


Goalkeeper Watch

Motsetse had a disappointing season in front of goal and didn't get off the mark at all in the league! Maddison scored once in 7 games! 

Player Review - Segundo Lavielle


Lavielle played mainly AMC this season but was moved as a 3rd choice striker also. He scored 10 goals and got 6 assists in 21 (8) appearances.

Player Of The Season - Christopher Hutton


Well a simply stunning season for Hutton who scored 39 goals in 30 (4) appearances and also got 4 assists. He was top goalscorer not only in Serie A but also Europe!

Young Player Of The Season - Tokelo Motsetse


Despite being useless from his penalties and free kicks he was voted as Serie A goalkeeper of the season with an impressive 7.2 rating. 

Season Overview

A fantastic season for us in the league. With our youngsters getting more vital games in their development they have really grown as a team. A Europe League place finish is great for us. We have some good players at our disposal who can still develop into very good players for this level. We may struggle to keep a few who have release fees around 20m. I am currently trying to up some of these but Hutton (24.5m release fee) is refusing a new deal currently as is Ferrara (3.3m release fee). Will try again in the new season to renew! I think I need to reduce the size off the first team next season and loan out a few of the more peripheral squad players for first team experience! In terms of where I will be looking to improve I would say centre back and another striker would be top of my shopping list. 

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Well after discussing it before we have had 2 of our release fees triggered. Larsen is off to Lazio for 12.5m and Ferraroni who is now a wondered got nicked by Milan for 11m. The other sales were for players no longer required for the first team apart from Anderson who wouldn't sign a new contract. We made just over 30m in sales!



A much quieter transfer window but we did spend big money twice. 


Brought in on a free as it's an area we are short in. Trying to loan him out for some first team experience!


Perhaps overspent here a bit bit its one my scouts were very excited about. Will get him game time out the right hand side for now but hopefully a big future!


I love this signing. A great find by the scouts. 6 foot 6 and can play at the back or in that deep lying role. 


A position we needed covering. A fee that could reach nearly 41m but I think he will be a mainstay in the squad for quite a while!


A youngster with good potential. Not first team ready and will probably look to loan him out for a season or 2 for development!


A deadline day signing. We only have 3 strikers in the first team so he came in to be our 4th. Scouts aren't as excited as some of the other players but I see a very solid player here.

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Mid-Season Review



Another really good season thus far. As expected been some bumps in the road mainly in December but we bounced back by beating Cagliari. 

League Table


We sit in the last CL spot which would be an amazing achievement but I do not expect to stay there!

Italian Cup


As we are in Europe we go straight into the first round were we will play Parma!

Europa League



A bit up and down but the 2 wins we got in game weeks 5 and 6 meant we went through in 2nd place and will play Ajax in the first knockout stage!

Goalkeeper Watch

Motsetse has 2 goals in 22 games and Maddison is yet to get off the mark in 2 games!

Player Review - Nahuel Szerdi


Szerdi has been playing mainly on the right this year and has produced some big goals for us. He has 7 goals and 3 assists in 16 games!

Other News


We have managed to get another increase on our junior coaching!

Youth Intake Preview


This is a bit more promising!


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End Of Season



A fantastic league season. Our position was confirmed with 3 games to go so I tried to play some more of the backup players. A great season for us!

League Table


We ended up in 3rd place and will get Champions League football for the first time in the clubs history!

Italian Cup


The furthest yet we have got in the competition unfortunately a red card in each leg of the semi final meant Inter comfortably beat us 5-1 on aggregate!

Europa League


An up and down group stage for us but we eventually qualified before knocking out Ajax in the first knockout stage. Sevilla was a step too far for us in the 2nd knockout stage however as they beat us 7-6 on aggregate with a heartbreaking 96th minute goal!

Goalkeeper Watch

Motsetse scored 4 goals in 47 games whereas Maddison got 1 goal!

Player Review - Joel D'Allesandro


In terms of current ability probably the best player currently at the club but I do expect more from him. Playing mainly in the deep lying role he got 2 goals and 4 assists with an average rating of 6.67.

Player Of The Season - Tokelo Motsetse


Becoming a top goalkeeper he has really started to perform wonders for us. The serie A goalkeeper of the year and one of the first names on the team sheet for us!

Young Player Of The Season - Nahuel Szerdi


A much better season from Szerdi as he grabbed 15 goals and 10 assists from the wing, scoring some vital goals!

Other News


We have moved into our 22,500 seater stadium!

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Nothing major here. Some of the American's from a few seasons ago have now left in Aldrich and SamitMaddison who was our backup keeper has also left as he wouldn't sign a new contract. The others were bit part players at best who were not going to get into the first team.



A much quieter window for us with only 5 signings with 2 of those signings being pre contracts.


Only turned 18 but is off on loan to Lecce to get some valuable game time!


Signed for his release fee and would normally be sent out on loan but as he is only 16 still I have kept him around and given him a few games here or there.


Moreno was another centre back we signed and loaned out to America. A very solid looking player on our hands here.


With Maddison leaving we had a backup space available and Adrian is that player.  A 6 foot 5 keeper. I like that!


Akande was our major signing of this season. He will come in as our rotational striker. Really like the look of him.

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Mid-Season Review



An unbeaten first half of the season is incredible. Our team has really gelled together and we are scoring a lot of goals. Have been able to give a lot of game time to most of the team to also aid development.

League Table


Despite being unbeaten we still aren't top! Inter have lost 1 game (to us) and won the rest means they sit 3pts clear of us.

Italian Cup


A first round tie against Roma isnt the easiest of games but the way we have been playing I am confident!

Champions League



A really good first season in the CL thus fat as we went unbeaten in our group stage and finishing top of our group.


Probably the easiest tie we could have wished for. I fancy our chances here!

Goalkeeper Watch

Motsetse has scored 6 goals in 21 games which is a great return. Adrian hasn't scored in 2 games thus far. 

Player Review - Igor Kasunic


A have always been a fan of defenders who can cover both sides. He has developed really well. Those mental and physicals are very impressive for a 20 year old. If we can work a bit on that crossing then we have a great full back on our hands.

Youth Intake Preview


Lets see what happens!

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Champions League 1st Knockout Round


In what was the easiest possible draw for us in theory turned out to be quite a struggle. We were lucky to only lose 2-1 but that free kick from our goalkeeper enabled us to go back with a fighting chance. 2 goals in 10 first half minutes in the 2nd leg eventually led to us winning this tie 3-2 on aggregate and gave us a quarter final tie against Liverpool!

Champions League Quarter Final


What looks like a fairly comfortable tie was only made so thanks to Liverpool having a man sent off in the first leg and 2 men sent off in the 2nd leg. In fact we were not great and despite our man advantage we really struggled in these games. However the results are what matters! We drew the best possible draw in the semi final getting RB Leipzig!

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Champions League Semi Final


Amazingly we have reached the champions league final. A very kind draw in the semi final for us and with 2 clean sheets and narrow wins we are on our way to Old Trafford to face...


In the grand scheme of things this is another fairly generous draw. They thumped Barca in the semis 5-1 but the Barca team is currently a mess with a very old team. Dortmund have won 1 Bundesliga since the start of the game and have lost Haaland. We have a chance here!

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Champions League Final


An unbelievable win. We were 2nd best throughout but our finishing was top notch! A crazy story for us! A very kind draw to the final and a fairly kind final draw but in the end we are European champions!

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