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Players marketing value and other game improvements


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Hi all. 

I have just come back to playing FM21 (watched a few steamers religiously for many years Kev, Ben and Jack) after "wasting" last few years playing WOT so what is new exciting and improved and what is still bad? The financial side of the game is still I think poor and its weakest link unrealistic and inaccurate. Lets take Messi for example, he was paid £50m a year (after taking 50% wage cut) yet he attracted an estimated £400m for Barcelona which more than covered his wages and add-ons. Players should have a marketable value, shirts, sponsors  etc buying your first star player from say Asia should attract a lot of new supporters and interest. 

Players valuations - how the heck is this worked out and how do you get updated stats unless the game decides itself? A player breaks through into the national team should add to his marketing and transfer value etc. A player who has a good world cup etc should also see a significant increase or having a good season. Why not have a report on team players with transfer & marketing value current and potential including transfer interests from other teams? 

The idea of having a sugar daddy is good but what about fan owned teams like Barcelona whose Presidents have potentially bankrupted their club? How would you class the Glaziers at Man Utd? or corrupt owners who milk clubs dry like poor Blackpool. There should be a class for "owners" just to differentiate types and then their financial credentials, shrewd, maverick, cautious, generous you get my drift. There should also be more info on debt loans and the ability to change them, pay off etc clubs use advances on season tickets to fund transfers that is really important for some mid sized clubs as much as clubs like Man Utd. TV deals, Spanish league was arguably the best but the Premiership attracts significantly more money and has done for quite some time. Not just nationally at home but world wide, there is nothing in the game for Global sales right leagues teams or players. You have FPP built in but clearly like we have seen with the Spanish league, its broken kaput !!

In tactics team formations this should include preferred players so we don't have to mess and change players every time we play a league or cup match. Like custom tactics formation 1 cup home game preferred player for specific position. Let us set players attributes so when I make a sub and I want him as a winger I dont have to then change team tactics, make it personalised to the individual

Why does the on screen info during games depend on the speed of highlights? If game set to faster they appear for a  shorter time and become IMPOSSIBLE to read and stop moving them around the screen.

If I have Merih Demiral on my team I would like the option to get him to cripple Martial, hard tackles my foot I want him to be really nice and go in hard really hard, fair of course, and send him for an early bath. Like Ramos did on poor Mo. Or an accidental head butt with the option to drop the clubs disciplinary fines. But boss why fine me when you specifically asked me really nicely to hurt him.

When your assistant manager is responsible for negotiations we need an option to approve/alter offers not just let him go off and waste a chance to get someone you want or he thanks is a good deal. £80m up front??? Nope they can have £40m up front and the rest when I decide by instalments and no addons. Or have it we can take control after an initial offer was made and turned down.

Transfers and loans. Can we talk to players and gauge their reaction/feedback? Kev had it with Norwich/Nimes trying to poach players, like yeah who would want to play for them? seriously? SO when we set a players transfer status to "not available" they know there NOT FOR SALE, unless we have agreed player/manager to say an offer from LFC or their favourite/preferred club.

All in all these last few weeks have been fun if a little infuriating. Its one think watching the guys on you tube its another actually playin it yourself. Some aspects of the game are good, the match engine is a massive improvement, but others still need significantly more thought and work.

Training - I buy a new player so I want a current player to move position so I want to talk to him about it? I need him to concentrate on tackling. dribbling etc Not just oh boss you bought him to replace me??? Yes and no cos I still need yo but not in your old position so go and do some extra curriculum training for me, there's a good boy.

Oh and finally players rest/holidays. Can we arrange/agree future holiday dates for players?


Enough for now, just some food for thought... good job, but still room for improvement !!




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Thanks for taking the time to raise this here. These have already been flagged as a request within the community, so have already been documented and are part of our internal database of features for consideration. Like all features raised to us, it could end up rejected, or could after extensive design and development become a part of a future FM.

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