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[FM21] Eating Macaroons - Attempt to dethrone PSG - JC BONIFACIO


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S6 - Season 25/26 Preview



League Preview

According to the odds we are on 12th, what means that we should have a season where we should safely avoid relegation. We have made some improvements to the team to get some depth. 


Board wants us to fight against relegation in the league, however I want to get top half, I think our tactics works well and we have managed to keep few main players who were on semi pro contracts so it is achievable. 

In Coupe de France the board wants to get 1/64, I will not be concentrating on this however, If we find ourselves lucky like last year then awesome, but if we drop in the first round I will be ok. 




So at the end of last season, we have not had much of a team left with only about 17 players in the squad. We are under regulations where we can have maximum 3 non-EU players, so I have had to release some players. I think we have made some decent transfers into the club, and what is good, all of them are on semi-pro contract bases. What means that they will not be poached. 






Alessandro Arapi has left us, We had him for last 2.5 years, He was one of our star players in National 3, In national 2 he played a bit less, due to us having better options. He still remains a player with most appearances for the club.






Iker Larrainzar , Young Midfielder, very brave and determined. I will be using him as a DLP mainly, Has potential but very likely it will not be realised in out club.  



Dimitis Ioannidis - Young Striker, who can also cover right wing. We are not paying him much, but hoping he can give us some depth in the team. 



Francesco Piscopiello - another young striker with great finishing. If really needed he could play on winger positions however he lacks a bit of dribbling and pace. 



Slavomir Mihal - Really happy with this find. He already is better then Reinhart and only being 18. I will allow both keepers to battle it out between each other to see who will become first choice.



Harvoje Mamic - I think this might a bit improved version of Arapi. Can cover few roles in midfield and also has a nice long shot. 



Mattia Russo, Winger that can cover both sides. I struggled to find any decent wingers so this was best I could do. Physicals were the deciding factor to bring him in. 





The finances are around the same level of -£400K. We are just below the wage budget, but this is mainly due to us having to give part time contracts and also wanting to bring quality players despite our poor reputation. We are also at the bottom of sponsorship tables what is not a shock :D  We have also refused few transfer offers, for couple of our players,, they were in between 10K to 20K . I would have accepted if that meant that our finances would improve significantly. I do think that we are on the course to start recovering the budgets. 




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S6 - August - October 2025


We have had a good run. with 3 losses we are surprisingly 3rd in the league. We lost to SO Cholet who at the time were bottom of the league..... It its quite even at the top with 6 top teams are split with 3 points. 




Coupe de France

Won our first game in the cup. Rotated full team




Finances are slowly going the right way. 



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S6 - November 2025


3 wins in 4 games what gets us top of the league. It is still really close. Top 4 are split by only 2 points. 




Coupe de France

2 wins in 6th and 7th rounds have got us to 1/64th . Which is what board expected of us. 



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3 hours ago, deltablue said:

It mus be nice to be in another promotion race already.

It is indeed :) I was not expecting that though. W had some worse results, especially with teams in bottom 4. 
I suspect that Ligue 2 (If we get promoted) will not be walk in the park, but at least we will get some money rolling into the club. 

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S6 - Decmeber 2025


Mixed results in December. Especially because we have drawn with last team in the league. We have been hit with injuries as well. 




Coupe de France

We advanced to 1/32 which is above the board expectations. In which we are playing a team from National 2. 


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S6 - Jan-Feb 2026


Good 2 months. We beat AC Ajaccio and US Boulogne who are nearing the top. a draw against Le Puy Foot is disappointing as they are 17th, but we are currently being hit with injury crisis. 



Coupe de France

2nd season in the row we have advanced to 1/16th, however we have been smashed by Saint Etienne. 




Finances are looking much better despite overspending wage budget. Mainly because prize money from the cup. At least it is going the right way now. 


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S6 - March - April 2026


Our form has dropped a bit. 9 points from last 6 games is not a lot. Luckily our rivals for promotion also are dropping points. We have 2 games left where we play 2 teams in bottom half, so potentially we can get a promotion and win the league, but also we can drop out of playoffs if we finish 4th. 







Finances are looking better from month to month, which is good. We do have few games that are in TV so always some extra money. 





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S6 - Season 2025-2026 Review


What a season that was. We have yet managed to achieve another promotion !! We have had a poorer run at the end what could make us miss even the playoff spots. But we managed to pull through and made it to professional league. 


Coupe de France

Another good run in the cup. We have reached 1/16th but ended our run against a Ligue 1 side. 


Squad by apps 







We are still negative in the bank, However we have 1.3 mil to spend on transfer budget. I will start upgrading the facilites now as hopefully we will be able to earn more monies from now on. We are getting new stadium as the requirement for Ligue 2 is 8k and our one is only 2k, the board took 3 mil loan. 





I missed end of season review so merch sales values are missing....




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S7 - Season 26/27 Preview



League Predictions 

I think this is going to be the toughest season. We have moved pretty quickly to Ligue 2 but it seems to me like we are going to get smashed. The quality difference can be just too big. Also with my struggles in transfer window. I feel like we shouldn't be here in this league, but definitly will challenge. I think keeping good morale will be the key to overachieve and aim for 17th place. 


This just proves where we are comparing to other teams....


Luckily the board doesn't expect wonders. 



Transfers OUT

Released Players 

We had few players on amateur contracts which I have decided to release. They were not featuring a lot for us over last couple of seasons 


Negrete - He is one that I would have kept, however the limit of non EU players have been reduced from 3 to 2, so I had to let him go. 




Skrzeczkowski -  Did help is in National 3, but as we were advancing he stopped starting, It was only fair to release him.




Pocas  same as above. stopped featuring for us, so decided to release. 








We have sold 3 players, of which 2 were main starters. 


Chianello - was our main RB, who was already kicking up a fuss that wanted to move. Decided to sell as I was thinking that we can get better player for his position. 




Thorsten Salau - Stayed 2 seasons for us, was mainly a backup for CD and DM roles. Got 15k offer for him, I went up to 60K to see how much I could get, and they accepted it.




Slavomir Mihal - I am gutted to see him go, We only got him last season and he was pretty good with a lot of potential. Received an offer of 20K, and I put it up to 250K and it was accepted straight away. So at this point we ended up wihtout GKs 





Transfers IN


I was struggling to get good replacements, Because we got promoted so quickly, our reputation is still within National 2 teams..... So yeah, I have raided Blois, who got relegated from National last season, plus some others. We have actually spent some money as well. 



Toon Raemaekers - another CD option who could also cover the DM and RB option. 



Coli Saco -  An extra mid option with crazy physicals. Will be mainly used in rotation with other mids that we already have. 



Lucas Buades -  This is our replacement for Chianello. Will be mainly used as RB, but could also cover other positions if necessary, 



Hugo Lamy - Another RB option. a bit of a punt this one, Mainly bought him because of his quickness. 



Didier Doumbia -  We have probably paid too much for him, (275K) But he is quick, can dribble and pass with plenty of flair good off the ball, So I think he might not be that bad for us. 




Herve Guitton and Henrique Sanches  - are both our new GK's , I think they will battle it out during the season however I think I will start with Guitton. 






Finances are starting to go in the right direction. Apparently we are still going to get approx 4M so some facilities work is incoming, as hoping that this will bring our stature a little as well. 





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S7 - Jul-Aug 2026

Ligue 2

5 games into the new season and we still didn't manage to win a game. Looks like this is going to be a tough season. I hope that we can get some wins on the board soon. I feel a bit unlucky about the results, we have been better team in most of those games, however we couldn't convert. 




More transfers IN 

I have brough in few younger players to hopefully sell for profit at some point. 


Simic - An option to fill the depth in the middlefield. Great vision and work rate. Physicals not too bad also for his age.  FREE



Ali Sen - a bit of a punt on this one. Only 16, pretty good physicals for a 16 yo, and a good dribbler. paid 3.9K for him and I think this is a steal. 




Lacroix -  Another freebie, can cover both wings and striker role for us. Unfortunately already declining, due to facilities ? 




It is good to be on the better side with finances. We are still profiting due to tv monies.  I will be investing these into the facilities and youth recruitment once available. 





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S7 - Spet-Oct 2026

Ligue 2

We played 7 games in the last 2 months, and we managed to get 8 points. Funny  thing is that we have won 2 games against top5 teams. I am a bit disapointed as we are only losing by margin and we are usually the better team. with almost 1/3 of a season through we are14th- 4 points above relegation playoff spot. We are also 6 points behind a team in 13th which is shocking. 






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S7- Nov - Dec 2026

Ligue 2 

Mixed results as expected. We have crucially won against Nancy and Rodez who are battling against relegation. We are currently 7 points above relegation playoff spot. We are also 13 points off promotion playoff places. The good thing is that we have been a better team in most of the games. But just didn't create good enough chances. 



Coupe de France

Comfortably  beaten Belfort and now we play against OM....




Finances are looking really good. We cannot ask for any improvements yet...




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S7 - January 2027 - Transfer Window

Ligue 2

So the form looks like it was on decline this month. We have however picked up 2 wins and managed to get a draw against Bordeaux. With 14 games to go are 12 points clear of relegation playoff. Ware also 11 point off promotion playoff spot. What means we are closer to promotion than relegation haha


Coupe de France

We have lost against Marseille however I think we have had a decent game against them, considering our reputation .




Finances are still decent. I am trying to invest the money into the club. 






Luis was our backup defender and we had an offer for  300K which I couldn't refuse. 3 goals in 19 games last season is definitely decent record for us.





A replacement for Luis. Primarly will be backup or rotation. 




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