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[FM21] Eating Macaroons - Attempt to dethrone PSG - JC BONIFACIO


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3 minutes ago, ToMexico!! said:

Are the players that are leaving going to higher tiered teams? 

Good luck for the new season

Thanks ! 

Not necessarily. Bastia Borgo 2 is below us. But others left to  countries of their origin but usually have a lot higher reputation then us. 

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Top Posters In This Topic

S3 - National 3- August - December 2022

Sooo, where to start ? Our good game was only the first one. Then it just went worse. :mad: I have been playing about with the tactics. throughout to try and improve but without luck to turn it around. On the other hand We have only been losing by one goal. And usually we have been having more shots than the opposition. 

I have stripped down everything now and I am re-building the tactic from scratch as I have tried a lot:seagull:

It looks like it's going to be more difficult this season, despite thinking we have better team than last season ??????????







Also on the top our players are being poached again only after few months with the club. 


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S3 - National 3 - Jan-Mar 2023


Soo, It was really bad. But I think I have managed to sort the tactics out that scrapes us some wins.  With 2 wins in March we are still in relegation zone but only 1 point off  12th. We keep fighting !! 




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S3 - End of  22/23 Season Summary


National 3 

In the last few games we managed to pick up few wins which saved us from relegation. I think I might have built a tactic that suits the league and our players. This helped to to climb up to 9th in last win streak. I hope that we can carry this on to next season without our team being dismantled through the break



Coupe de France

We were not concentrating on this so played backups where I could. 










Haider Sattar - Our best player by average rating of the season. Declining due to poor facilities. 



Damian Skrzeczkowski - inverted Winger with most goals for us this season. He was putting real performances at the end of the season. 



Jakob Breum - I think he is currently best player in my opinion. A well rounded winger buy I don't think he will improve much.



Record breakers



Finances are really bad. Also our wage budget has been decreased, but we don't have sources of income. I am trying to play some friendlies in weeks that we have off but this is not enough. 




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21 hours ago, ToMexico!! said:

Slight improvement season on season :thup: although the bank balance suggests you either need a promotion or a new owner sooner rather than later. 

Definitely. We struggled at the beginning of the season and managed to go on streak at the end what got us to 9th. I have more hopes for next season. Not good that our players are being poached FOC.

I am not sure if there is any money at all until I reach Ligue 2. So board takeover it is then lol 

I have made a massive mistake however. Letting my DOF sign the academy player on £35-45pw contracts..... I have sorted this now and saved like half of wage budget.



4 hours ago, deltablue said:

The finances basically seem like it is in the English semi-pro leagues :D

Yeah lol I think it will be like this until we reach Ligue 2 unfortunately. Just need to try and sign a better player in replacement of poached player and grind these promotions.

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S4 - Season Preview 23/24



As before I will not be showing all of them since the turnaround of players is huge. They are only with us approx a half a season to a season. 




Despite them being only a friendlies we played a few with higher rep then us and managed to get good results. 



Board Expectation

So the board expects us to repair the financial damage. I doubt that it will happen without takover 

They expect us to avoid relegation - my personal aim is to fight for promotion :D 

They want us to get to 7th round and I will not be concentrating on the cup.




League Prediction

I think the odds are a lot better then last year. we are set to finish 9th. But I am hoping to over achieve in that sense. 





Finances, bad as always but we got wage budget under control at least. 




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S4 - National 3  - Aug-Oct 2023


We are managing to carry on the form from last season and went unbeaten for the first two months. Especially last two results against Istres and Athletico are important as they are teams in the top of the table. Currently we stand 2nd, with 2 points behind Athletico and with 1 game in hand, which if we win could get us top !! 





Coupe de France

I have rotated for both games, we managed to get through fourth round, but we lost against penalties in fifth round. Well this competition is not important for me. 





Olivier Oggiano

We have released Olivier Oggiano as he wasn't playing enough and he wanted to leave as he thought he was not good enough to be part of a team. He was the only non-grey player who we had when we took over the club, he was really good for us in the first two seasons. Farewell and good luck in future, thanks for helping us winning the promotion:applause:



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S4 - Nov-Dec 2023

National 3

We are almost at half way stage of the season and we remain unbeaten in the league ! Especially the result against AS Monaco is really encouraging. Us and Athletico have managed to pull 7-8 point gap over third place team. As it stands it looks like it will be between us and Athletico challenging for promotion.



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2 hours ago, ToMexico!! said:

Fantastic start to the season so far against some decent teams in this league. Hopefully this is the one! 

Thanks, I hope that we can keep  this form up ! 

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S4 - Jan - Mar 2024

National 3

We are on the good run of of form. Two draws in January has got us to lose the top spot but again we have beat Istres and Athletico and we are in 2nd place with 1 point behind and 1 game in hand. It is really tough though. Every game seems like a decider and Athletico don't seem to lose points !! 



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S4 - Season 23/24 Review

National 3 

We kept up with Athletico and at the end they have tumbled getting only 1 point in 4 games, whilst we have drawn last to games and are getting promoted as Invincibles !   What a season, every game was like a final until the end. Now need to re-build a squad as we have 17 players left due to others being poached or left due to low game time. 






Coupe de France

We dropped out in 5th round, but that's not important. 




So the squad became really small due to few players leaving but Bryan Molina has been sensational with 7.61 avg rating. 


























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S5 - Season 24/25 Preview


Good run of friendlies to build up dynamics and sharpness, Especially a result against Ternana which is Serie B team. 



League predictions

After transfer windows we are 2nd in odds chart to get promoted. However we have 8 second teams from clubs above that cannot get promoted. However according to media we should finish 14th. 




Board Expectations

Board expects us to fight against relegation. I am hoping however to fight for promotion if we can keep the run from last season. 

They also expect us to reach 7th round in the Coupe de France, but this is not priority for me. 



We are amost half a mil on red now. Cannot do much about it as we don't sell players for cash. We are well under wage budget however what is good. 




Of course we had players poached. But I had to fill out some other positions and we have actually signed a player on part-time contract



Lorenzo Monti .  I set the scouting to europe for 1 day as we had the scouting budget for it and took loads of trialists and he came up. We pay him £160 pw but I think he is exceptional for our level. Passing, Vision, Balance, First touch. Its all there for a playmaker. I think he is by far our best player. 



We have also made Favoured Presonnel list for the club 



Manager Profile



Below is missing our 22/23 season 9th place for some reason.....


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S5 - August & September 2024

A great start to new league. Suprise result against Nantes who have won this league 4 times in a row now. After 6 games we find ourselves on 1st with 3 points clear off Tours FC who are the next team that can get promoted. 



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S5 - October 2024

National 2

Only 1 league game in October. we have comfortably beat last team in the league. We are now 5 points clear of next team eligible for promotion. 




Coupe de France

Two games in the cup. We have rotated for both games and managed to squeeze through to 6th round. 


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S5 - November 2024 - January 2025

National 2

We haven't played much games in November and December. And also we have lost against Montpellier. We were however a better team. We picked up the form next month and won all remaining games. We are in 2nd place with 7 points ahead of Tours FC who are next team that can get promoted. 



Coupe de France

Because we didn't have much league games I have not been rotating much. We had quite a good cup run beating Ac Ajaccio, a Ligue 2 side on penalties in the process. We have lost 1-0 against Ligue 1 team, but we could have lost a lot more. We did however reach stages where we actually got some TV money and also our first stadium sellout. 




Despite cup run and some TV money, it didn't affect our finances much. 


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S5 - February & March 2025

National 2

Really good 2 months. In Feb we have drawn against Tours FC who are the next promotion eligible team after us in the league.  We have been defeated by Toulouse FC and we have been lucky against FCE Merignac-Arlac. At this point I thought that we are starting to drop performances, but then nice win against Bastia Borgo.

We find ourselves still in 2nd, 1 point off top Nantes who we play next game against. We are also 9 points clear of Tours FC





Wanted to show you this guy. Juan Manuel Negrete. Has been absolutely sensational for us. 10 goals from 13 games as CM or BBM is quite decent. 






We are still insecure, I don't see this changing until we advance to Ligue 2 unfortunately or a take over. We have managed to sign few players on part-time contract so maybe we will be able to cash in on them. 


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Facilites downgrade

I have asked to reduce the youth and junior coaching. We are not getting any benefits out of it, but we are only getting further in debt. I can always ask again if we are going to repair the finances. The board agreed to decrease youth recruitment but didn't allow to decrease junior coaching.


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10 hours ago, deltablue said:

It's interesting to see that it's not juT England when if you're in the lower levels you're guaranteed to lose money.


Yeah, There are also other teams that are struggling and are insecure. This might not be the case or might not be as visible when playing in weaker leagues. 

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S5 - Season 24-25 Review





National 2 

What a season it was. We have won the league by 12 points and for more than half of the season it seemed like we are going to finish 2nd as Nantes were setting the pace. But they tumbled in the second half of the season. 




Coupe de France

This run was not expected.We managed to beat Ligue 2 team and lost agains Stade Rennais only by one goal. I think it was a success but definitely not planned. 



Player Awards




Robin Reinhard Second season for us. He was really good for us what is confirmed by being our best player this season and having highest AVG rating. 



Jake Rooney  He is a transfer i made during winter transfer window as we had one of our defenders poached. He is on PT contract and has been 1st team starter straight away bagging himself 6 goals from CD position. 



Oscar Cruz,  We needed a striker as the other was poached last season for a professional team. I hope to keep him as he was a decent performer.



Lorenzo Monti He was exceptional for us. I really love his technicals, I bet he would make a start for a lot better sides than us. We have him on PT contract and there is interest in him. He might be our first cash sale player this summer, however I would like to keep him. 










Facilities decreased as we asked but not a lot.....




Finances are still pretty bad.. I am trying everything I can to try and get it back up. 







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12 hours ago, ToMexico!! said:

Congrats on the league win and promotion. 

A mightily impressive cup run too, shame prize money only came in at the last hurdle. Is that the case in real life? If so, I'm shocked at that! 

Thanks ! 
Yeah the cup run was unexpected. The screenshot actually is TV money only. There was some prize money for wins, but not a lot, like 78K image.thumb.png.8edc2c34377b8a64616e514a86086aba.png





11 hours ago, deltablue said:

Well done on securing promotion.

Thanks ! ! 

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Stadium Requirements

Looks like we are 870 seasts short on the stadium 

The league doesn't actually specify minimum capacity but I think terracing is a problem. 


Our stadium is council owned, with only 250seats, I think that's the problem. 


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