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Persuade non-playing staff to try a new role


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There's so many times where i find a non-playing staff member with really good coaching / assistant stats but due to him being a Head of Youth Development he will flat out reject my contract for him to join my club as a coach/assistant even if I offer him 10x what he wants.

Therefore, I would like the option to either:-

A) Persuade him to join my club as an alternate staff type (eg he's a head of youth development but i want him as a an assistant manager)
B) Make it so they are more likely accept contracts offers if what I'm offering them is vastly more than they want (eg £250p/w to be a HoYD but I offer him £1500p/w to be my Assistant)

Surely IRL you would snap someone's hand off if they offered you a vastly superior contract EVEN if it was a little out of your comfort zone? Also people have had vastly diverse careers in the real life game (eg Adkins was a physio turned manager, Kinnear was manager to DoF)

You could even make it so the staff member has to go on training courses for his new role? (coaching badges, financial coaching, scouting coaching)

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