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Defending indirect freekicks

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So I'm in my 6th season on the game and my 3rd season at Brighton. Managed to turn us into contenders so far and Carabao back to back winners but after an examination of goals conceded last night we are 17th in the league from corners conceding 3 but indirect free kicks we have conceded 7 making us by far the leakiest team in the league from indirect free kicks. My individual player stats such as jumping reach, heading, bravery, concentration, decisions are all above league average so I believe it boils down to set piece tactics. My defensive corner tactic I'm more than happy with as it allows me the chance to possibly score on the break which offsets the 3 conceding. However the indirect free kicks are causing me all sorts of issues. I've got my best header and jumping reach, bravery etc marking their tall player but other than that I'm really struggling to find an effective way to stop conceding. It's particularly frustrating as you take away the 10 set piece goals conceded we are easily the 2nd best defence in the league. 

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It's hard to know without knowing your players' skills.  A GK with better 'command of area' and 'aerial reach' is key.  Following advice I found here and elsewhere, I prefer to put my CBs defending the zones at the 6-yard box, near and far post, and put my next best header defending either the centre-6-yard-zone, or, defending against the wide-indirect, sometimes closer to the far post, like here:


Some people put another player in the wall or prefer 'go back' to 'man mark'.  Sometimes, I'll have one of the 'edge of area' or 'man marking' guys 'go back'.  If you are facing a team which scores a lot from set pieces, look at the replays of those goals and you might see how they attack.

I have safe routines where I have no one going forwards.

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