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(Suggestion) How to organize 'Set pieces' scenarios loading


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First, I have to ask one little question. (Because I am a manager in lower league team, so my players just can't follow all the orders I give them. I don't know the answer!)

Q:    I have loaded Set pieces scenarios when I started my career. Is this  info about 'selected scenarios' saved into the save file - when I start a new game session, will those scenarios be loaded into the game automatically from the hard drive? At least, they should be!


My idea is, that all 'managers' could gather as many different 'Set pieces scenarios' into their hard drives as they want. Of course. When starting a new career, 'managers' would choose a collection of scenarios they would want to use in this game. (Those would be linked into this game save for automatic loading.)

(Yes, this list of used scenarios should be able to be changed...) In game itself, all these chosen scenarios could be used if wanted.


When playing  this career, depending on the team you are the manager, you could choose those scenarios, which ones you will use with this team this year. Next year you might have another kind of players, and so a new set of scenarios. Or, you might just go to a new team.

And, you could also change used scenarios during the season, Only thing is, that it takes time to learn! But, if something doesn't work, then...


How to choose scenarios to use, or the scenarios page structure? My suggestion is, that all scenarios linked to this game save are shown in scenarios page. Just like we choose our 'Set Pieces Takers', too. There are different categories, aso. Pop-up pictures would help choosing.

The only thing to decide is, how many and what kind of different scenarios your players can be taught... Too many could cause confusing on the pitch!   (I don't know if this is coded into the game...)



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  • SI Staff

As for the request, having all of the set piece tactics load up on starting the game could cause the game to take a longer time to start up and some players may prefer to not have them load on start up. The way it is, those who want to can load them up when needed and those who don't want them loaded don't have to have them loaded up.

It is still possible for us to find a different way to implement this and so your request has been documented and is part of our internal database of features for consideration. Like all features raised to us, it could end up rejected, or could after extensive design and development become a part of a future FM

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