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(Suggestion) Effects of debt


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Hi, this may have been posted and is a vague suggestion.

Given the effect of Covid on the transfer market, match day revenue, etc.

I would like there to be much deeper consequences to clubs for poor management of finances.

Now, usually indebted clubs, invariably get an angel investor who stabilises things and rarely effects things too heavily.

Given the winding up of Bury and significant troubles at Derby and Sheffield W and the state that the Classico clubs in Spain are in - there must be a way to have deeper consequences without affecting game stability (four/five clubs going bust a season, causing chaos, for example).


I wonder if various stages of debt should prompt action from the board in different ways.

-All players on transfer list

-Contracts cancelled at half compensation

-Administration (selling players for nothing, renegotiating your contract at a lower rate/ slashing your staff contracts/staff amounts)

-Eventual points deduction and winding up order.

The risk/reward for your role as a manager in control of finances or under the owner/Dof/GMs thumb would add great satisfaction and narrative

"If you're not living on the edge, you're taking too much room"

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