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Managing my own expectations

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So, this is the first time I’ve took a lower league team and have attempted to progress them up through the leagues. I’m with Wrexham, came 1st in the national league in season 1, then in season 2 I also came 1st in League 2 as well. So back to back league wins and promotions.

However now in my 3rd season, in League 1, I had a great start and was in the play offs for a while but have now tailed off and we’re knocking around mid-table, promotion not looking likely.

I keep getting so so sooo frustrated that I’m not nearer the top end of the table; what I need to know, am I right to he frustrated or is a season of just maintaining league status fine? Roughly how many seasons on average does it take people to take a team from the national league to the Prem? Think I’ve set my bar far too high after my first two back to back league wins.

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I would certainly suggest that you are being too ambitious.  Getting 2 back to back promotions is excellent and there are very few instances of teams being able to sustain that without  a period of consolidation.  The higher up the league structure, the more difficult it will be to succeed, but you have proved that you can hold your own in the league, so take that as encouragement, improve for next year and being in the promotion mix should be attainable.  Thereafter, aim to consolidate in a new league before having ambition to be at the top.

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I feel your pain. Expecting two promotions back to back is perhaps too ambitious, but I'm also annoyed by such inconsistencies: first-league champion one year, followed by mid-table in next season; or almost relegated one season, followed by league runner up next season. And also typically: long slumps followed by dramatic recoveries. Stuff like that.

FM is highly consistent in being inconsistent...

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Championship is often the sudden curve where there are many teams with near Prem budgets and facilities and your star risen little Vanarama Club is suddenly in the comparative land of giants. 


But keep building, keep improving facilities when you can, look to make the club financially stable by buying and selling on, then trying to scout as smartly as possible to find those players who will help you move up the league.


I've often snuck a playoff win in my second championship season, but prepare for three years at that level. And maybe the stars will align 

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