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Off-season features and tools


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First I have to say that FM21 is my first FM game ever, so this might be a rookie problem, but please bear with me, I'll try to be brief


I think the off-season will need a few features that help to the planning for the following season.

- Age limits status (flags): In the same way we have the U21 status for when a player counts as such and doesn't require registration in the EFL Leagues, it would be very helpful to have flags that indicate the new age category a player will fall into the new season, I've only managed on EFL League One and now on the Championship, so I'm not sure what would be the age categories in other leagues, but I'm assuming it is similar.

- Team Promotion/Demotion Status: This is mostly related to the Transfer system and I think it would reflect real life nicely. It would be helpful to have a future league status updated once a team secures promotion or confirms demotion; players agents should be all over these teams trying to make a deal for their clients in accordance to the team already determined fortune for the following season, in the same way if a team who is already promoted asks an agent for the availability to hire their client, you don't get the answer, "you have to be promoted out of your current League first"

So... again, newbie here and I apologize if this has been already suggested or already included and I just couldn't notice the options.


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