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[FM2020] Adding new nations and stuff


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I tried to do some research, I found some stuff, but in most cases I ended up in threads which are archived with post by moderators "covered in this tread" with dead link attached. So, sorry if already been asked, point me to threads which are not dead.

First, I succeeded to reactivate nation of Zaire, but when I start new game I am unable to choose it as my managers nationality. How to make it possible?

Second, I set new language, than created new local region assigned only to that language and moved it to Zaire (it is only local region in Zaire), but when i see Zaire people inside game, most of them still have "old language" names. Question is how to completely purge nation of old language, so that people will be generated only with names from newly attached language? Are there files which contains list of names available for each nation which can be accessed through resource archiver and where are they located?

Third, is it possible to prevent nation from having national team and (or) generate regens through gameplay, but not to extinct it? So to say, just to exist in the world but not to be involved into football stuff...

Fourth, is it possible to add new continents and regions through some files? For example, there is file named "language" in "compeditor/format/database". Inside that file is list (in numeric order) of all language families, names, etc, and it is possible to add new ones just by adding next number. Are there similar files which contains names of continents, regions, names, etc???

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Can you give me the dead links, because unless the threads are really old, there shouldn't be dead links.

To answer your questions one by one:

First question, I don't think it is possible, since a database I am using and that is used by other without problems has one newly created nation and you can't set the nationality there.

Second, languages are set at three levels, nation, local region and city. Check the nation and any city in area for different languages. Also, some extinct nations do have their 'old' language set, so it is trial and error. If nations are correctly set at nation, local region and city and it is still not OK, Zaire will probably have something pre-set

Third, no. An active nation will have a national team and generate players. Probably not that much players, but they will generate them.

Fourth, Continents, no, cannot be created. Local Regions, yes, they can be created. It is also possible to add a language. You will need to add names to the database yourself or move players with the required names to your nation that they are being reused. I wasn't aware of the list, but for continent the list is limited to the six continent plus one (World), regions only have the data that is in the database (and that's incomplete). Names are not open to be edited, although in some cases adding names to the database will help, as the game does look at the people in the database for a certain nationality to pick up names.

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Thanks for answer.

I'll forget about Zaire (or any extinct nation), cause without possibility from first question it's useless to me.

Will try to edit one of active nations. That raise another question. Is FM game auto adjustable to changes we make? For example, if I take X nation from Europe and I don't want it to be part of continental or international competitions (Champions league, Euro cup, World cup qualifications etc), and if I deny that options to my nation, will  game auto redistribute it's continental competitions spots to other nations or do I need to edit something else as well? Will game be able to start european world cup/european championship qualifications with one team less or it will create mess?

I know that trick with adding names (I am doing it), but still can't get rid of all "default" names. If I add new names in reasonable amounts, than I end up with half/half result. If I add ridiculous amounts, than indeed defaults names are overran by new ones, but than I get in-game flood and 200 people with same name, which is also not result I want. Thought to resolve it by accessing name pool files, but since not possible, I will continue to search for right ratio here. Will check those 3 levels of language though, I'm not sure if I did nation level. It might help.

As for links, I don't have all of them, cause those from previous days and weeks I don't have in history, but here are two from today . Last post on each thread. 



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Ok, I guess they had their reasons for doing it.

About removing national team from international competitions... I created rules for Europe, including all countries except one I want to remove. I tested european championship qualifications, now I need help with interpreting results.

It seems that team cant be removed from first cycle, I guess cause it's already started when we create new game. But for next two it seems it worked, cause number of participants decreased from 55 to 54.

I'm confused by "stages" and "max games" columns. Why is stages increased from 2 to 3 and why no max games for 2018 and 2022?

Is there any way to take closer look into those tests? To see something more than just those numbers?

test result.jpg

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