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Tactical Instructions, Analysis, Training & Team Talks


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The more I play the game the more I feel that this is an area which could be improved massively

SI have done a great job implementing the capability to create your own tactical style and one can only imagine the impact each slider combination has on the game and the ME. Yes there are areas where this can be improved (more flexibility in the position of CM's would be nice) but in general it feels as though all the building blocks for tactic creation & execution are there

However where I think it could be improved is in how those tactics are applied to players in both set-up and then in shouts/team talks during a game

It all feels a bit mechanical and not human. For example take full backs I want to be able to tell one full back to stop the cross - just don't let your man beat you and put the ball into the box - that's an instruction that behind the scenes moves some sliders. I now want analysis on his performance against his instructions and if needed I want to put him on specific training to improve (which I should be able to see in his stats / statistics over time)

Take another example I want my winger to cross early or get past his man quickly and get the ball in the box - that's an instruction I can apply to that role or player that, again, behind the scenes affects a number of sliders. I might also want that winger to come back and double up on the opposition winger to help out his full back

I guess what I am asking for is instruction based tactics. The formation, the tempo, the width overall, the roles of the players all feel like they happen the way the game is structured today however many of the other aspects run at defence or not, pass into space etc all of these things, IMO, could be sucked into more of an individual instructions approach that could be a lot more layman

And then when in teamtalks use this to build on overall team talks - I am not happy with your performance! Why? Well fullbacks you're not doing a good enough job of stopping the cross - get tighter or wingers drop and help them out; striker you're wandering all over the place, get in the box and stay there; CM's play the ball simple for now, the raking balls across the pitch are getting intercepted and they're breaking on us - this is how I imagine team talks happening at the top level and would love to see that sort of realism in the game

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