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[Suggestion] Implement a Check Box for Quick Pick to Use Selected Training Positions as a Guide.


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So my simple idea that would speed up gameplay and tactic selection is this. I always set up all my players trainings extensively and plan out development for a player to play specific positions, but when I go to use quick pick, it always places players in positions I do not want them to play in.

I think it would be a good check box to make, so that if you check this box in the quick pick settings, the person responsible for quick picking will only put someone in a position that they are focused on in training. Of course this would only affect the starting XI since being a substitute isn't a trained position. But I also believe there could be a feature to implement a template for the subs trained positions so that the subs will be set up (if there are players able) to put players in who match the positions trained on the template you set. If there isn't any player that matches a certain position then it would default to any other player within guidelines for quick pick settings. Then you have a template for your Quick Pick and don't need to worry about players being played out of your desired position just because you wanted to use the quick pick and get in the game.

For example if I have five subs and want a GK, Fullback, CM/CB, Winger, and Striker with specific roles on my bench when I use Quick Pick, it would only pick players focused on that position in training as the subs. 

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