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Contract Type Option Absent

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Hi All,

Another weird one, not sure if it's related to my previous bug within this save? (See "Bugged Assistant Manager" thread).

I can't seem to sign players on anything other than appearance fee based contracts all of a sudden! The dropdown box to select the contract type: amateur, non-contract, part-time etc... just seems to have disappeared. I've tried different players and origins, bringing players in from free agency, other teams and even extending contracts of my own players, all without success.

In efforts to resolve thus far, I've tried reloading the skin, changing the skin (using FM inbuilt skins), thinking it might have just been hidden for some reason, but no success! I'm managing a semi-pro outfit and am unable to extend players which hadn't signed a pre-contract agreement before this happened. There's a lot of teams sniffing around my players and not being able to negotiate contracts... I'm somewhat unable to continue!


Figure 1. Existing player contract renewal - clicked 'use existing contract' and still not the correct contract type


Figure 2. Free agent contract offer, left as what appeared when offering a contract


Thanks in advance for your thoughts, cheers G&T

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  • SI Staff

Hi @Games_n_Tea, unfortunately due to the use of the custom files and the custom database on this save there isn't much we can do to help you with this save. Please let us know if this type of issue happens on another save.

Sorry that we can't do anything to sort this save out and thank you for your patience with the issue.

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Just as an update on this one, I played through a couple of weeks and after renewing a contract for a staff member, the contract type dropdown list suddenly became available and I am able to offer contracts to players again! I went back to a previous save where the issue existed and checked to see if there was any sort of transfer embargo or board takeover shenanigans afoot but couldn't see anything that would explain the issue.

Main thing is the ambition of taking my local 12th tier side to Champions League glory is still on the cards!

Cheers G&T

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