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[Suggestion] How about implementing a way to play 'tactics'/'practice' matches?


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We don't really get feedback on the pros and cons of our tactics from training, the way a real world manager would.

We only get to see them in friendlies and them competetive matches in the game world, and that is not reallty realistic.

We need some way of compensating for the lack of actually working things out on the training pitch.

How about implementing a way to play 'tactics' matches?

It could be a module that isn't part of the game world, which lets us load up our team and tactics and any opposition we choose. We could then keep playing the same game to test and refine elements of our tactics, without having to load and re-load game saves. it could be a gret way to learn and experiment without game world consequences.

Alternatively, an in-game solution could be to tweak the inter-squad friendlies, and turn them into training matches, that can be played and re-played easily during the training week, without having to schedule them like friendlies.

Seems like it would plus a bit of a gap in the current way of doing things.


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mikelfc8, you should tell more about your idea. What kind of feedback would you like to get?

Let's say that this kind of a 'tactics test game' would be ONLY among the players in your team - but maybe with reserves and youths. There would be parts of both attack and defence. Coaches are all making notes, which are then presented to you.

Because there just are too many different formations aso., that there just are just too many different things to test. BUT, you could get (maybe) verbal feedback on every player, or how he could manage in his playing. Or info on chosen tactic.


- Winger XXX is a bit too slow for this level. He'll get tackled. He should use more early crossings.                   (not enough pace, advice on personal tactics)


- DM XXX reads game very well, knows how to tackle and just keeps going. Great DM!                                        (really good positioning, tackling, stamina)

And, what comes to that tactic itself, this

- Our AML and AMR are too far from defenders. Those long passes get mostly intercepted. Not working like this.              (advice on chosen tactic)


So, the manager would get info and advice considering players, their roles and chosen tactic. And, because everything should have 'pros and cons', this kind of a test would take two or three training slots, and the next day would have to be free.


Would you like to see something like this, or more numbers, percentages,...?

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My guess is that no managers go into a season only seeing their tactics played out in a handful of friendlies. The stuff they see on the training pitch must have a massive impact on the way they build their tactics.

My first idea was just to be able to play the same match again and again without having to load and reload FM. A legitimate way to refine our tactics by watchting and tweaking the same match a few times. Doing this would compensate for the fact that we don't interact with training the way real world managers do.

Now, this could be done as a stand alone module, totally separate from the game world. A simple tactics development tool, a 'play match feature' a bit like the 'watch match' feature but interactive. Load it up, choose your team, choose your opponent, and play, kind of like you can in FIFA but for tactics refinement. Tweak the tactic through the match then, at the end, hit replay, and tweak some more. Keep replaying until your happy, and then try a different opponent and so on, until you have the tactic close to how you want it. A way to learn and experiment without in-game consequences. After that's done, start your career game.

But, by far the most interesting idea is to do it in-game. @rristola Your ideas are spot on. To actually be able to watch training matches and get the kind of feedback you describe, whilst you are tweaking the tactics on the training pitch. We could play and replay, 5 or 6 a side, attack vs defence, set pieces, full matches. See what works, what doesn't, who works and who doesn't, the why's and the wherefore's. A massive interactive expansion of the ideas behind those little 'minor/major issues' analysis squares we already have on the tactics screen.

I particularly like your idea of all the hard work having consequences. The more we repeat, the more the players become fatigued and unhappy. Limitations on how much can be done each day. Perhaps it could only be in pre-season, or at kleast more intense in pre-season.

Basically, I'm looking for a way to go into a season with tactics that I've worked on in more than a few friendlies. I don't want it to be foolproof or the outcomes to be perfect. There should be margins of error in the feedback we get linked to the quality of our staff.

I get that the in-game option would be a large undertaking, and if that's not desirable or possible, I'd just be happy with a way to easily watch and tweak the same match over and over.

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To get that kind of 'tactics testing ground' or a separate program, where you could see how different tactics work...hmm... no, I don't think so. That's just my guess. But, if the game engine (or, whatever) could be with only a little bit of work altered into this program, then - why not!


Into FM game. What if you could "order" a friendly game with your reserve and/or youth teams with a tick in the box 'Tactics test'? Even now you can ask your other teams into a friendly...

Then that extended playing time would be divided into those testing areas as you, the manager, want. There could be, as you said, different areas to test, like

- attackers vs. defenders, like 8 vs. 8

- position based: wingers, strikers,...

- defence line with the use or not  of offside trap

- midfielders in attack and defence roles and duties

- set pieces

- ...a new player being tested in your team?

- there might (and should) be a limit of things to test, maybe half hour per test section, so 4-5 max. in one day? Or limit set by the number of your coaches.

In the end of that session you would get report from your coaches.


BTW, I have noticed, that the better you can explain your idea in words, the better you get SI to get interested in.

Yeah, and I voted for your idea.

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mikelfc8, this is your topic. Do you think, that this could be considered as

             "A full fledged idea you feel is ready for consideration."?

Then you, as author, should change the name of this topic to begin with the word '[Suggestion]'. Guys from SI will read this then more likely.

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  • mikelfc8 changed the title to [Suggestion] How about implementing a way to play 'tactics' matches?
  • mikelfc8 changed the title to [Suggestion] How about implementing a way to play 'tactics'/'practice' matches?
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