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No negatives, player still refuse new contract because "unhappy"- why?

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So, last season one of my best player had a "minor issue". He belived our squad is too weak for "his ambitions". Next season this issue gone away, in the moral section there is nothing under "negatives", but he is still refuse the new contract talks because "he is unhappy at the club". What I want to ask is WHTF?


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Well, the answer is in the red box at the top left of the first screenshot. He doesn't think the club is good enough for him, or at least, his agent thinks so. So either he is too good for the club, or he has a very high ambition and wants to win more (or better) things than he imagines doing with your club.

Looking at it, he is happy for now (and doesn't push for him to be sold), but doesn't want to extend his stay. So I imagine he wants to leave at the end of his contract because he thinks he can join a better team.

Edit: Also notice his "Positives", he is "flattered by the interest shown in him". So there are some teams after him, and he is not willing to sign anything new with you. Looking at it from that angle, he might sign if the interested teams are no longer interested. Since he is not pushing to leave, he is content with you, but have gotten tempted by someone else and that's why he is not willing to sign anything currently.

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