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[FM21] "European adventure"


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So after lurking these part of the forums for quite a while i decided i would write up my career so far, i am a few years in as my plan was never to write it up as can never really get into a save at current but so far i am enjoying what i have done.

I will upload pics of what i can from the first few years of my career but they will be from what i can retrieve as i didn't screenshot players etc as like stated wasn't going to type it up.


Hope you enjoy


Leagues loaded

England, Scotland, France, Holland, Italy, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Belgium. (all leagues loaded in these nations).

Career aim

So i decided i wouldn't start lower league as i have done quite a few saves with lower league teams i decided to have a change from the norm.  My aim is to win as many trophy's as i can in each country i go to and leave each club in a much better position they are in than before i arrived.

So onto my first few seasons.........................................

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how do i post pics ive uploaded to imgbb got the link but they dont show up on my previews just the link


<img src="https://i.ibb.co/cxr5D0r/Celtic-Transfer-History.png" alt="Celtic-Transfer-History" border="0"></img>

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