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I just took over Bayern and a 33 year old Sané wanted a new challenge. So i arranged a transfer for him for around 7m. He then came back and demanded 14m in a payoff to make the move ! I hadn't experienced this payoff thing untill I took over a team in Germany. It happened a few times now, but the negotiations are basically accept or reject. I have never had a player give way.  But I feel a player wanting out should not be demanding a payoff or in the very least be very willing to negotiate. I don't care if he wants double the transfer fee in payoff, but that is also bit weird.





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I had the same issue recently so I thought I might share it.

I was managing Mol Fehervar in January 2029 when multiple players got homesick, in particular Serhou Guirassy, who wants to return to France. I agreed to the transfer if a club pays £1.3m for his services and he agreed.

Fast forward to six months later, a team in the French third tier made a £650K offer for Guirassy that I accepted as I didn't need him anyway.

However two days later his agent demanded a £75K payoff for "loss of earnings". Why would I pay you to leave when you wanted to leave in the first place? Also I already made him a favour to accept a bid that is half the asking price? :idiot::onmehead:

Needless to say I rejected it.

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Thought I would chip in on the discussion as I have just had a similar issue. Managing Wigan 2033, Premier League second place with 2 games in hand and 2 points behind Liverpool. CL leading group with 1 game left. Sergio - my 3rd choice Midfielder that was a Regular starter a couple of seasons ago but has slipped down the pecking order as better players joined - well he comes into my office and demands more game time - I refuse - squad status is set to Squad player and he plays in local Cup games (FA + Caraboa). He gets his panties all twisted in a knot. We agree that it would be best to sell him in the January transfer window. Next day he hands in Transfer request . January rolls round and Napoli offer 15million which is his value. Naturally I accept. He is earning 35K per week. Announcement is made and he comes into my office demanding 10 Million because Napoli offered him lower wages than he is currently earning. I tell him to f**k off and reject his demands. The deal falls through and he is all upset because I broke a promise to sell him. Now I have senior members in support of this pillock and have to hold team meetings to placate my players because Sergio is a Team Leader after all his years at the club.

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