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Can I change the surnames of Reegens coming through?

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I have recently created a database and added the Channel islands in place of Andorra.

The leagues work fine. The only problem I have is that when reegens are created they come through with Spanish names. I have changed the countries Region, I have changed the Cities and I have deleted all players from the nation who had Spanish names and replaced them with French and English names.

I had hoped this would change reegens coming in but the problem still persists.

Is there a way I can change the names of players coming in to the nation to local channel island names or something resembling that?

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Did you change language for Cities and Nation as well?

Part of the newgens will always be based on Spanish/Catalan, since the Nation determines most of the names.

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I will have to check but I'm fairly certain I changed all languages from catalan to English in the cities I edited and added English for the ones I created

I read on another thread that the first lot of reegens will appear with the previous nations names but the reegens after that will appear with names relating to language and region

It's not a game breaking thing it just doesn't look realistic so if there's a way to change it I'd rather do it before I get deep in to a save

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