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[Discussion] More Internal World Events

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One of the things that I always believe that outsiders misunderstand about the FM series is how many people play it less of a simulation game but instead as a form of RPG.  We can see across the history of the series that more player interaction, more media interaction and other events that are unexpected have always been seen as interesting.  Players getting worldwide bans for drugs or hitting a referee used to be an older one.

This is something that I've always felt is a really underdeveloped area though.  You only have to look at the Challenges or season threads to see that many hardcore users of the game are not attempting to play a highly realistic football simulator but instead are creating their own narratives in a sandbox environment.  FM has much more emergent gameplay for long term saves and this is what I really feel hooks people in.

However the amount of events that affect that living world are very small.  You get injuries and bans for players and teams but nothing on the larger scale; nothing that can help make your world and your save unique.  Nobody failing FFP, no clubs going bankrupt - from the AI point of views there's very little chaos or randomness in the world that can create these little fun moments that stand out.  No player scandals, no unmanageable reactions, etc.  The game feels a little "dead" for lack of a better word and in a long term save after a few seasons it does feel like Clicking Simulator 2021.  It would be nice if some Earth shattering stuff could possibly happen like Brexit did in the real world.  Perhaps a bad example but the game world doesn't seem to change its league rules or there's no ESL speculation, this type of stuff that would make a longer term save a bit more interesting.

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yeah, you will hate something like this frequently happen to your prolific youngsters

Maybe, just maybe, there is an option like the "disaster  option" in Simcity, so players can choose how frequent this kind of event happen and I will choose second to none LOL

And yeah, the issue about the real players too, so this can only happen on regen


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I think what he meant by event, can be as follows:

1) Sudden ban of certain player in your squad. Example players gotten ban for doping (Onana 9 month ban for positive doping test) or Mutu (9 month ban for drug use).

2) Postponement of match due to certain condition (snowing or something like the Man Utd protest which resulted in postponement)

3) Fighting involving your players in the training ground when morale is low or after losing a match

And lots more...

There can be scenarios like that, which some of the users might find it frustrating but some might find it interesting.

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A few more options could include

- nations joining/leaving EU (or outside EU, becoming recognised as non-Foreign). 

- Change in league rules (no of HGs, no of foreigners allowed to be registered, etc). 

- Change in number of teams in division (eg a 20-team league deciding to go to 18 teams). 


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