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Dealing with arrogant players

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Hi I just upgraded to fm 21 from fm 13, i know took me while to take the dive after many years.

playing my first season as Barnet i have a team which i mostly inherited and my best defender is also a real pain in the neck. constantly complains about training, always reacts negatively to praise or criticisms, never responds to team talks positively. the other players though not as vocal are slowly coming around to trust me and are finally playing well. so what do i do with this guy? what i have decided is to just ignore him as long as he's playing well and he does play well consistently in the top 5 players in my side in every game.

secondly i didnt realise pressing would be good for low skill teams like Barnet but changing to a pressing style has done wonders for my results from losing to drawing one and winning two since i made the change. was on a 3 game losing streak before that. can see the difference as i being driven mad by the opposition deep players making inch perfect passes over my defence to their forwards. the pressing style has put a complete stop to this at least in the last 3 games.

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I always play a fairly "team focused" manager, but as long as the odd "problem child" is producing and not sowing discontent, I just let him play and work around him. If he starts acting up...I dump him. I play FM for enjoyment, and if a player is harshing my enjoyment, I don't want him around. I take a fair price for him, and on the way out the door, I give him a profane nickname. And each time the press asks about him after he's gone, I'm brutal, even using the "additional comments" button. 

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If he is performing OK on the pitch then just ignore him.  If he is not, then get rid of him because he could become a bad influence on others.

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