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**SUGGESTION** Adding more jobs to the game


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I think it would be great if more jobs were made available for players. What I mean is, it would be great if you could start a game as Assistant manager, DoF, or with youth teams. It would add depth to the game and it would make it more realistic. Most of real life managers started in club, and went trough its hierarchy. It would be great addition to journeyman save, imagine if instead of spending your first 5 years in game in ukranian 17th league, you would be working for some strong club and wit for a oportunity to become interim manager.

It would also enable new players to go trough FM lesrning one thing at a time, not just be bombarded by too many things at once. I, for example, know a lot of people that really wanted to play FM, but were just overwhelmed at the beggining so they just diceded not to play.

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