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Do you like having two manager jobs: Club and National?

Do you typically accept invitations to manage national teams?  

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  1. 1. Do you typically accept invitations to manage national teams? (Choose the closest)

    • Yes, it's fun to manage both club and nation at the same time, even if more work to do!
    • Yes, I accept the invitation for the national team, but quit my club job
    • It depends. I only accept the invitation if it's really a nation that is quite special to me.
    • No, I typically reject the invitation for the national team

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This happens to me every save: I'm coaching a big club, and then some national association invites me to manage the nation. 

In your opinion, is this a good move? What's your preference (do you accept and run both teams, or not?). Why?... Thanks.


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It can be interesting if youre managing a team in a nation with zero connection to your national job and you end up with two games on the same day. I  was managing somewhere in south america and the Nigeria NT at the same time and ended up with games on different sides of the Atlantic when the AFCON was on. 

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I have a Barcelona save currently.  I have been at the club for 8 years, have won 4 league titles and 4 Champions Leagues.  One season was an unbeaten season.  I have dominated Spanish football and in doing so I've played attacking, attractive football using a squad with 80% homegrown players.  I am considered the greatest English manager of all time, am fluent in Spanish and am the leading producer of footballers in the world.  I have both the "Leads clubs to titles" traits as well as all of the traits about developing youth players/purchasing young players.

I declared interest in the Spain job and they laughed it off saying I had 0 chance and it was out of my league.  They appointed the manager of a Second Division side with no trophy history.   I can change the foreign manager likelihood in an real time editor and it still doesn't affect it.  Laughed off every time.

Interestingly though, if I do all of this and then get a lesser national job before applying for Spain then they will give it to me no problem. 

There's something weird going on with how the major nations pick their managers

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