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So I am managing this 5th division team in Germany, which I finally gained promotion after 4 years. The chairman never said anything regarding club culture in the club vision meeting before. 

However, just after I won the league and brought unprecedented success to his club, he comes up with this. He demands no less than 4 different playing styles, which make no sense if combined. I can see a chairman having a broader vision of how the first team should play, but in this case it is just an obscure mixture of playing styles that even contradict themselves. 

Especially when he wants so sell the club anyways, why doesn't he care about staying in the league, rather he basically takes the role of the manager and dictates every tactical aspect. 

Although I generally like the idea of the club vision, but I think this is a bit too much, even if it might be a rare exception. I am successful with my approach, why would a chair man come up with this after 4 years, why would he even care if we'd make the most out of set pieces?


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