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Train players in positional templates


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I would like to be able to create some kind of individual training templates. Especially when it comes to teaching players new positions/roles. In my current save I have a 16 year old regen spawned as a natural right side winger. However his attributes and physical frame suggest that he is more promising as a centre back. I also want my centre backs to be able to play as an anchor man in the DM strata so I have begun training him for that position.

My problem is (1) that I can´t train him in several new positions at the same time and (2) that nobody in the club except me see him as a centre back/defensive midfielder. The U19 head coach still use him as a winger because I can´t tell him that this is a player we want to turn into a defender.

When I plan the club´s squads I always do that in terms of goalkeepers, central defensive players, two-way players (central midfielders and wingbacks), creators (attacking midfielders) and strikers. Each group has certain expectations of what positions and attributes the player should be good at. This kind of plan I have for every single player in the club as soon as they join. So I would want to create training or developing templates for those groups as a way to communicate to my coaching staff how the players will be used.

A left footed two way player should be able to play in central midfield and as a left sided fullback and wingback for me and that´s not something I should need to micro-manage every now and then.

In other words, the template should decide what positions the players should be trained in and how the coaches should use him in match and team training. I think this feature would fit inside the training units tab, as sub-units within the defensive and attacking one.

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